CC3000 – add WiFi connectivity to your embedded project with only 6K flash code and 3K RAM


The new CC3000 WiFi module from Texas Instruments just arrived to my desk 🙂

Looks like perfect candidate for next UEXT module!

CC3000 promises you to be able to connect any microcontroller with as low as 6K Flash and 3K RAM to Internet by WiFi, sendind Tweeter messages, updating your Face book, sending and receiving e-mails …  i.e. making your embedded stuff to interract with internet.

The difference between CC3000 and MOD-WiFi for instance is that MOD-WiFi is just interface, to use it you need to implement TCP-IP stack with CC3000 the stack is implemented inside, it have own processor inside the module and all you need is to work on high level with already implemented TCP-IP stack via SPI, cool isn’t it?