Some good news! We got New Card payment system and new conditions for EU bank payments!


New Card Payment System

As some of you already noticed we have new Card processing system running from today. What is the difference?

The new payment system allow payments with not only Visa and Master card, but also Visa electron and Maestro cards.

How it works?

When you enter your order, go on checkout page and select Card payment you will be re-directed via SSL server to United Bulgarian Bank web site and there you can securely enter your card details, in addition of CVV verification now you can have also Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode additional authentication which increase your security level.

Our customers from Bulgaria were restricted to pay with card due to the old Card payment system we used. Now they can use card payment option.

EU bank transfer payments now without bank handling fee

All payments from EU member states now do not bear any bank handling fees.

It was a burden for small orders, but our new bank do not charge any taxes for money transfers from EU.