New Robot Chassis in stock: ROBOT-2WD-KIT2


We have new Robot Chassis in stock! It’s with two gear motors, two aluminum plates, free castor wheel, two 60 mm wheels attached to the motors, all necessary fittings.

The assembly is very simple:

The castor wheel is attached to bottom plate:



To the gear motor is attached small aluminum plate:


then the 60 mm wheel:


Four heximal spacers are assembled to the plate with the castor wheel:


Then the two gear motors aluminum plates are fixed between upper and bottom plate:


and the chassis is ready!

Now we are thinking for possible custom control board with these features:

  • Arduino like main board allowing easy re-programming
  • Motor drivers
  • Motor encoders which to give feed back to Arduino with photo interrupters
  • LiPo Battery charger and step up converter for motor and Arduino powering
  • UEXT for ESP8266 WiFi
  • two sockets for Ultrasonic distance sensors on the two sides of the castor wheel
  • (optional RT5350F-OLinuXino with camera)
  • connectors for optional servo motors for robot hand
  • UEXT second connector for attaching more sensors

Let us know if we missed something 🙂

New product in stock: Metal Robot chassis with two weels and servo motors


ROBOT-2WD-KIT is metal chassis for Robot. It comes with two servo motors, 60 mm wheels and one free wheel.

There are provisions to attach sensors and control board.

The Servo motors can be driven with LiPo battery.

Chassis dimensions are 160 x 75 mm.

Meet OliGoBot – robot chassis with A20-OLinuXino, WIFI and Web camera


Few days ago Dimitar Gamishev asked me to try one of our new 4 wheel Robot chassis platforms


He seems created a little monster as he put A20-OLinuXino on it with WiFi adapter and Web camera.



You can see the robot in action on this video:

The camera is streaming video via the WiFi and you can control the robot via web interface.

New Products: Robot toy gear motors, wheels, chassis in stock!


We got new products in stock:

Gear Motors with 1:48 and 1:120 gear ratio, working on 6VDC:


65 mm x 25 mm wheels which couple to the gear motors above:


3-wheels and 4-wheels plexyglass chassis:


and of course battery holder which mounts to the chassis:


with these parts you can build complete 3-wheel chassis:


or 4-wheels chassis:


latter could be made with pair of high speed / lower torque and pair of low speed / higher torque  motors.

This is perfect moving platform for your next Arduino, Pinguino, Maple or OLinuXino project.