Weekend Programming Challenge – Issue #20 Solutions



First I would like to appologize for the late update on this issue, but our vacation began and I had no good internet while outside office.

We got 10 solutions on the Anagram words problem:

1. Javier Donaire - Ruby
2. Laurent HAAS - AWK
3. Marek Vasut - Bash
4. Antal Koos - Python
5. Ping-Panther - AWK
6. Kris Godart - PHP
7. Avishay Orpaz - Python
8. OhmOhm - Python
9. eins78 - JavaScript/Node.js
10. Richard Park - Python

The WPC is running for 20 weeks already and we wanted to celebrate this round number with something – for these who follow our blog they already know that we made ranking of the people who participated https://olimex.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/weekend-programming-challenge-ranking/

Above on the blog you see our specially designed T-shirt for the Weekend Programming Challenge. We will send three T-shirts to the top 3 in the ranking list and reset the counter from Issue #21, so everything starts over from 0.

Note these T-shirts are not for sale, the only way to got one is to submit solutions to WPC challenges 🙂

code as always is at GitHub https://github.com/OLIMEX/WPC/tree/master/ISSUE-20