Do we really need faster computers to write more bloated software?


It’s crazy how powerful the hardware becomes nowadays, every three to six months the productivity doubles at least in the ARM world.

Now we have 4-core RK3188 Cortex-A9 running at 1.8Ghz, After three months there will be an 8-core new processor, then a 16-core etc.

I start asking myself do we really need such powerful processors? Even A10 a single core Cortex-A8 at 1Ghz is capable of decoding and playing video. Then what the hell you need more? Can you watch 16 videos at same time?

The only consequence  of the powerful hardware I see is that programmers write more and more bloated software on it. They become lazier, because the hardware is fast they do not try to learn algorithms nor to optimize their code – why use quick sort when my computer can sort the array for a microsecond using bubble sort?

This is crazy!

Back in 1980s Borland Turbo Pascal 3.0 was on one 5″ disk and in 39KB. There was minimalistic IDE with editor, Pascal compiler, linker and run-time library, and it was compiling and linking something like 10 000 Pascal lines per second on a humble 386 Machine on 25Mhz!

A few weeks ago we installed Code Composer Studio on a 3Ghz Machine with 4GB of RAM and wrote a simple EMPTY “hello world” for AM3352 just to check if it works with our TMS320-XDS100-V3 JTAG as bare metal programming.

After scratching the HDD for nearly 15 minutes this 1-liner code was successfully compiled!

We couldn’t believe our eyes! The programmer who did this bloatware should be publicly lynched, this is simply ridiculous! I couldn’t imagine ANYONE with common sense of ever considering working with such a compiler, so I called a friend of mine who I know uses CCS because he has no other choice.

He told me that this is absolutely correct and that he and his collegues who work with CCS have developed very bad habits during their work with it. Working with CCS makes him smoke at least two packs of cigarettes per day!

He says that usually their development process is like this: they hit the compile button then go out for coffee or to smoke while the code is being compiled, after 10-20 minutes they go back, run the code and find bugs, then they try to remember what they had changed before they hit the compile button, which, in many cases, they’ve already forgotten 🙂

Here is another blog article for the 50 bytes of source code which takes 4GB to compile.

What the hell is going on with the programming industry?