New compact AC-DC converters for PCB assembly in stock: 5W and 3.5W for 3.3V and 5V


PWR-90-240V-5V1A and PWR-90-240V-3.3V1.5A are compact 51x23x18 mm AC-DC converters for PCB assembly. The input voltage is from 90 to 240VAC so make them suitable for both 110VAC and 220VAC applications.

Operating temperature is -20+60C. Output ripple voltage is 50mV.


PWR-90-240V-5V0.7A and PWR-90-240V-3.3V0.8A are in even smaller form 30x20x18 mm.

New Product in stock: BB-VNH3SP30 full bridge motor driver 30A / 36VDC


BB-VNH3SP30 is full bridge motor driver 30A / 36VDC suitable for driving DC servo motors and gear motors. With spring connectors for quick wiring it’s perfect for motor controlling via Arduino. STATUS LEDs show the bridge current direction.