New more compact design of ARM-USB-OCD-H(L) is released with USB-C connector

ARM-USB-OCD-H is very popular OpenOCD debugger supported by almost all IDEs and platforms. It’s in the Application notes of Intel and ARM processor vendors.

The ARM-USB-OCD-H initial design was made many years ago and some parts are obsolete like the USB-B to USB-A cable, big plastic shell from centronic 36/36 connectors etc.

As the centronic plastic became unavailable this year we decided that it’s good time to re-design ARM-USB-OCD-H completely.

Smaller and more compact plastic box is used. The USB connector now is USB-C, so popular USB phone cables can be used.

Our recommendation is customer to move to ARM-USB-OCD-HL it’s completely same as ARM-USB-OCD-H but supports targets with voltage levels from 0.65-5.5V

The popular Olimex ARM OpenOCD JTAG programmer debugger ARM-USB-OCD-H gets better, now has a modification which works with targets from 0.65 up to 5.5V

ARM-USB-OCD-H is a low-cost ARM OpenOCD debugger. It supports targets from 1.65V up to 5.0V. Many SOC manufacturers like Intel, Intel/Movidius, nVidia and others use it in their development work. Intel quotes ARM-USB-OCD-H and ARM-JTAG-20-10 in their appnote “Source Level Debug using OpenOCD/GDB/Eclipse on Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000”.

A few month ago we got an interesting question. A new SOC manufacturer was trying to debug their SOC with ARM-USB-OCD-H, but the problem was that their target was working on 1.2V. They asked us if we could modify our JTAG to be able to work at lower than 1.65V targets.

Our engineers identified a couple of components which we could upgrade to support lower voltages. The final result was that the ARM-USB-OCD-HL new modification of the JTAG can now work with targets from 0.65V up to 5.5V.

This pretty much covers all existing SOCs on the market.

New Board: MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 – MSP430 JTAG with ISOLATION and power profiling


Our popular MSP430-JTAG-ISO have been redesigned and now is much better: It’s FASTER, it have now 2GB of Flash and allow many firmwares to be stored inside for stand alone infield work, it have 1000VDC isolation so protect you and your PC from dangerous high voltages.

The new feature we included is the possibility to measure the target consumption in range 10 uA to 300 000 uA, MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 firmware allow it to scan target voltage 40 000 times per second and log together with PC then send to the host PC where the power profiling to be visualized so you can see which part of your code what consumption have. We work on Eclipse plugin for this power profiling and soon complete IDE with MSP-GCC and Eclipse with power visualization profiling will be released free of charge as open source project. MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 is the first debugger in the world with power profiling feature for MSP430.

MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 cost EUR 149.95 and is already in stock by Mouser.

TMS320-XDS100-V3 low cost JTAG emulator debugger for ARM and DSP


TMS320-XDS100-V3 is low cost EUR 54.95 JTAG emulator based on Texas Instruments reference design and works with Code Composer 5.x.

The supported devices are: TMS320C28xx, TMS320C54xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C674x, TMS320C64x+, TMS320C66x, ARM9, ARM Cortex A9, ARM Cortex A8, ARM Cortex M3, ARM Cortex R4

TMS320-XDS100-V3 have both 14 and 20 pin JTAG layouts using FPGA and JTAG clock up to 25Mhz.



XDS100V3 is the newer and faster low cost JTAG for Code Composer Studio. You can learn more about it from

It’s IEEE 1149.7 capable USB emulator and it supports ARM Single Wire Output (SWO), having FPGA on it allow JTAG clocks up to 25Mhz.

The supported devices with CCS 5.1.x are:

TMS320C28xx, TMS320C54xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C674x, TMS320C64x+, TMS320C66x, ARM9, ARM Cortex A9, ARM Cortex A8, ARM Cortex M3, ARM Cortex R4

The production is scheduled and this device will be in stock in May, the price will remain as on TMS320-XDS100-V2 which will be replaced i.e. EUR 54.95


Amazing project – emulating ATJTAGICEMK2 AVR JTAG debugger with PC and FT2232H:

and the software

TMS320-XDS100-V3 is complete


The XDS100 emulator is Texas Instruments’ ultra-low-cost USB-interface JTAG hardware reference design.

You can learn more for XDS100 at TI WIKI

In V3 is add upport for ARM Ltd’s Single Wire Output (SWO). and Operates with clock up to 25Mhz, this is possible by the use of FPGA. Supported devices are: F28xx, C674x, C64x+, ARM9, C54xx, C55xx, C66x, Cortex™

Preliminary Sell price prognosis is: EUR 55.00

Availability: April 2012