New Product: Electromagnetic Door-Lock


DOOR-LOCK is electromagnetic door lock. It operates with 12V DC, when power is applied the door lock pin is moving inside housing, when power is released the pin is moving out by spring.

With SNS-FINGERPRINT and DOOR-LOCK you can make complete access system with logging with platform of your choice – ESP8266, Arduino or OLinuXino.

Open Doors Day for “Computer System and Technologies” department in Technical University Plovdiv


For all students whо didn’t decide yet where to continue their education the “Computer Systems and Technology” department in Technical University Plovdiv will have Open Doors Day this Friday 28/11 in Hall 2112, II building on bul. St Petersburg 63.

Make Door Security Logger with A13-OLinuXino-WIFI + OpenCV


This is cool little project done in minutes with A13-OLinuXino running OpenCV. We were thinking what to make with OpenCV and with the use of GPIOs on A13-OLinuXino and decided to put small switch on our laboratory door connected to A13-OLinuXino GPIO:


then to wire A13-OLinuXino with Web Cam on the old ping-pong table in the front ot the door, so we can sense every time door is opened and closed:


OK, now we are ready and have just to write the python code to log the pictures with the Web-cam every time somebody enters the lab:

from cv2 import *
import sys
import time
import datetime
import A13_GPIO as gpio

def main():
    #init gpio module
 gpio.setcfg(gpio.PIN36, gpio.INP)

    while True:
        #select /dev/video0 as source
cam = VideoCapture(0)
#wait for low level (door open)
        while True:
            g = gpio.input(gpio.PIN36)
            if(gpio == 0):
            #take 15 pictures, and use only the last one
 for i in range(15): 
                s, img =
            #get the current system time 
            now =
            k = str(now)
            if s:
                imwrite(k + ".jpg", img)
                print(k + " -> New image saved...")
            #wait for high level (door closed)
            while True:
                g = gpio.input(gpio.PIN36)
                if(gpio == 1):
             #wait some time (debounce)

if __name__ == '__main__':

You can download the project code and OpenCV installation instructions on GitHub: