New Product in stock MOD-WIFI-AR9271 libre drivers and firmware WiFi dongle


AR9721 chipset is the only one on the market with completely open source linux drivers and firmware, this make it WiFi chipset of choice for people who respect their freedom.

We have MOD-WIFI-AR9721-ANT for quite some time and it’s very popular item, but the 200mm antenna make it not quite small. Now we add to our web shop the version without external antenna. It’s with 85 x 25 x 10 mm dimension and have same working distance as the external antenna version.

New product soon to be in stock: MOD-WIFI-AR9271-ANT WiFi USB dongle with Open Source Firmware and Linux drivers


AR9271 chipset is the only one with Open Source Firmware and Linux drivers. It has build in Kernel support since Kernel 2.6.35 so if you want to run GNU/Linux clean of non-free binary blobs with unknown content this is the device for you. It will work with your desktop PC, laptop, or SBC like OLinuXino and Raspberry Pi etc.

MOD-WIFI-AR9271-ANT samples are tested and proven to work with all our OLinuXinos and have excellent WiFi reception due to the huge antenna they came with. We have pending order and they will be in stock very soon.

Building A20-OLinuXino-MICRO Debian image with hardware accelerated video


We made new image for A20-OLiniuXino which uses the hardware accelerated video. The process how to build the image is described here.

All you have to change is to use new Debian rootfs for point.8 from here.

and new script.bin for point.7 from here.

The complete image ready to write on SD-card is here.

CedarX for Allwinner is liberated!


We all know the great work done with the GPU Mali 3D accelerator by Lima project, the open source driver performs better than the binary blob which ARM sells.

The Mali is used for 3D graphics i.e. used mostly by the games rendering engines and 3D CAD software.

Beside the GPU Allwinner chips have also VPU which can do hardware encoding and decoding of audio and video, as you guess VPU drivers ( are again made as binary blobs, so these were not used in the Linux Kernel and distributions.

A group of hackers (jemk, wingrime, nove) worked on the reverse engineering of CedarX

Yesterday was announced that there are already preliminary open source CedarX drivers for Allwinner SoCs.

On this video you can see tablet with A10 playing video using the hardware decoding without using the CedarX binary blobs

This makes Allwinner SoCs one step ahead all competitors as the GPU/VPU proprietary blobs is what makes most of ARM devices not completely opened.

All Linux implementations so far were not using these co-processors like the GPU/VPU which made the video operations slow as done completely by software in the main processor. Now when Open Source drivers exist the main processor will be released from video and graphics related tasks which will increase remarkable the speed.

Allwinner SoC thanks to open source community now is one of the most Open Source friendly SoC with: Open Source bootloader (contributed by Allwinner), Open GPU (lima project), Open VPU (cedarus).

Still lot of work is to be done, but liberating the video decoding is something which many people were waiting – Allwinner CedarX drivers were among the top priorities of FSF