A20-SOM EUR 35 Dual Core Cortex-A7 at 1Ghz prototypes complete


A20-SOM is low cost SOM module which allow rapid product development. It targets customers who want to do custom solutions based on A20 Dual Core SoC but without having to deal with multi layer PCBs with controlled impedance and BGA assembly.

A20-SOM is with these features:

  • A20 Cortex-A7 Dual Core 1Ghz, NEON, Mali-400 GPU, VPU with H.264 encoding and decoding
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • AXP209 power manegment IC
  • micro SD card connector
  • 32Khz crystal for RTC
  • power LED
  • status LED
  • reset, power and recovery buttons
  • optional NAND flash
  • console UART connector
  • 240 pin connectors 0.05″

The price of A20-SOM will be EUR 35 / 1000 pcs the A20-SOM-4GB with 4GB NAND Flash on it will be EUR 39 / 1000 pcs.

A20 have complete Linux support with 3.4 Kernel made by Linux-Sunxi community.

Mali-400 open source drivers are complete and perform faster than original ARM binary blobs.

Recent announcement for CedarX VPU open source drivers success based on reverse engineering was also done.

This means it’s matter of time A20 to have complete free open source drivers for both GPU and VPU making it most open source friendly Dual Core SOC on the market, none of other ARM devices have open source drivers (without binary blobs) for the VPU and GPUs.

As announced here A20 will be available for minimum 5 years, which makes it good option for products with long life.

A20-SOM-EVB is evaluation board based on A20-SOM module and is routed on 2 layers only.




A20-SOM-EVB is done to explore all features of A20 but the files are available and customers can tailor it to their needs.

  • connectors to accomodate A20-SOM
  • Gigabit Ethernet connector and PHY
  • SATA connector and power supply connector
  • USB hosts x2
  • LCD connector to connect to A13-LCD4.3TS (480×272), A13-LCD7TS (800×480), A13-LCD10TS (1024×600) and the new A20-LCD15.6 (1366х768)
  • HDMI connector
  • VGA connector
  • 2 Mpix 30 fps camera module
  • LiPo battery connector, the board can work with LiPo battery as if it have UPS
  • Audio In
  • Audio Out
  • SD-MMC card connector
  • 7 buttons for Android apps
  • two UEXT connectors
  • power supply 6-16V input with DC/DC converter
  • All A20 GPIOs available on 0.1″ prototyping friendly step boxed connectors to connect with ICD ribbon cable to your other hardware

A20-SOM-EVB (including A20-SOM) will cost EUR 80 and A20-SOM-4GB-EVB (including A20-SOM-4GB) will cost EUR 85.

A20-SOM / A20-SOM-EVB now are extensively tested, the mass production will follow in October-November.