OLIMEXINO-5510 is board specially designed for the EasyMSP project which is created by Matthew Burmeister (a.k.a. MattTheGeek from 43oh.com). Matt did amazing work by creating Arduino like language and commands to compile with MSP430 hardware just adding these in header files, so they compile with MSPGCC. The project now is over 13 000 lines of code!

EasyMSP community is at 43oh.com forum http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=34

The project is hosted at http://code.google.com/p/easymsp/

When we learned about EasyMSP the first idea was to create custom open hardware board which to work with EasyMSP. So I contacted Matt and asked him if he wants custom board build for his project. This is how OLIMEXINO-5510 was born.

Today we produced the first prototype and tomorrow we will FedEx one OLIMEXINO-5510 to Math for verification. If everything is OK we will have these boards available early in March ready for sale.

The retail price of OLIMEXINO-5510 will be EUR 12.95

So if you want to develop some handheld or battery powered devices with USB connection to PC OLIMEXINO-5510 is the low cost solution for you.

OLIMEXINO-5510 is complete



This is new member of OLIMEXINO family with Arduino like layout.

It’s based on MSP430F5510 microcontroller from TI with 32KB Flash, 4KB RAM, 25MHz clock, USB stack etc.

Texas Instruments USB stack is very optimized:

CDC Flash 5.1K RAM 268
HID Flash 5.2K RAM 260
MSC Flash 8.3K RAM 698
CDC+CDC Flash 5.4K RAM 294
HID+HID Flash 5.4K RAM 284
CDC+HID Flash 6.9K RAM 293

This board was specially designed to support EasyMSP project: http://code.google.com/p/easymsp/

The prototypes are in production and if there are no too much changes after the first protos we will have this board in stock ready for sale in March.

MSP430 are well known for the low power so this project is to unleash dataloggers, handheld applications and wireless nodes.

EasyMSP uses same Arduino language so people who develop with Arduino will use same syntax just having the convenience to work with more powerful and low power processor.

The presnce of lipo battery charger and UEXT connector makes handheld and RF applications easy.