Free online e-book: Build your own Lisp


Quote from the book – “Mike Tyson – Your typical Lisp user” 🙂

If you’re looking to learn C, or you’ve ever wondered how to build your own programming language, this is the book for you.

Free online e-book Speaking JavaScript



For these who want to learn JavaScript this is another free online e-book

Free online eBook – Game Programming Patterns


Game Programming Patterns, is a book on architectural patterns in game code. If you ever struggle with the complexity of your game’s codebase, this book will help.

Free online e-book – Pragmatic D Language Tutorial


For these who are currious about learning more for D Language this is link to free online book:

quote from there:

D is greatly inspired by C++ and inherit parts of its philosophy. D provides powerful abstraction mechanisms without sacrificing performance. If you are looking for a better C++, you should feel at home with D. If you dislike C++, you might like D for being C++ done right.

Free online e-book “JavaScript AllongĂ©”


Why JavaScript Allongé?

JavaScript Allongé solves two important problems for the ambitious JavaScript programmer. First, JavaScript Allongé gives you the tools to deal with JavaScript bugs, hitches, edge cases, and other potential pitfalls.

Free Online e-book: The Nature of Code


If you want to learn about Vectors, Forces, Oscillation, Physics simulations done in code this is the book for you, combined with very interesting examples which execution you can see in your browser, this is excellent reading for game developers.

got some ideas for WPC from here 🙂

Free e-book online: More C++ Idioms


The objective of this open content book is to present modern C++ idioms to programmers who have moderate level of familiarity with C++, and help elevate their knowledge so that C++ feels much friendlier to them.

Free online book: “Lisp Web Tales”


Lisp web development online book.

Free Online eBook – How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Learning with Python 3)


Python again dominates the WPC#4 so I guess it’s about time to start learning Python.

There are tons of resources on the web but this book took my attention: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

At least the Strings are explained very clean there so I would manage to solve WPC#4 if I have read this book before 🙂

Free online book – Text processing in Python


Master your skils for text processing with Python using regular expressions, how to make parsers and state machines, handling emails and news groups, there are lot of stuff to learn from this book.

The book is available at

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