Free online book: “Lisp Web Tales”


Lisp web development online book.

Free Online eBook – How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Learning with Python 3)


Python again dominates the WPC#4 so I guess it’s about time to start learning Python.

There are tons of resources on the web but this book took my attention: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

At least the Strings are explained very clean there so I would manage to solve WPC#4 if I have read this book before 🙂

Free online book – Text processing in Python


Master your skils for text processing with Python using regular expressions, how to make parsers and state machines, handling emails and news groups, there are lot of stuff to learn from this book.

The book is available at

Bash guide for beginners – Free online ebook


Linux shell if powerful tool.

For instance here you can see how with single command nc you can scan ports, make chat server, transfer files, stream video etc

Here you can see IRC logger bot made again using just shell script.

Bash guide for beginners will teach you for the basics of Shell script.

EDIT: the book URL is here: 🙂

Free online e-book: Git from the bottom up


Git is the Swiss army knife for the open source development. Knowing Git in detail is must for everyone who decided to contribute to the Open Source community.

“Git from the bottom up” if free online e-book : which is also available in PDF form for download and offline reading:

Learn Prolog Now! Free Online book


I was impressed how our WPC#2 was solved with Prolog and looked for online resources about this language. This is what I found

If you want to try what you have learned here is source for free Prolog interpreter

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