DuinoMite-eMega Prototypes


The new super-duper DuinoMite-eMega prototypes are ready!

All features of DuinoMite-Mega are kept and the new additional features are:

100 MBit Ethernet

2 MB data Flash on board

64KB of EEPROM for configuration parameters storage

PMP fast 80Mhz IO port

when on top of this you add the new Gameduino based MOD-VGA with 32MB of SDRAM and Color 800×600 pixel second VGA display we talk for lot of hardware resources!

I can’t imagine how 32 MB of BASIC code will look like 😎 maybe we should add camera and start some serious video processing with this board?

DUINOMITE-eMEGA is coming!


DuinoMite enhancemets continue, we run prototypes of the new DuinoMite-eMega board which adds few significant advantages:

1. 100MB Ethernet interface, so DM further firmware will allow TCP-IP connections and sending e-mails, updating your Facebook wall, Twit messages on your Twitter account, so you will be able to connect embedded hardware to your social networks, not speaking for telnet, ftp, http etc services which are self understandable

2. eMega will have new connector for the PMP signals this is *very* fast port which allow to captre events with up to 80Mhz and to toggle ports with up to 80Mhz stream, this makes possible interfacing to TFT displays, to add fast ADC and convert Duinomite to Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) or to make it as 80Mhz Logic Analizer, combining that DuinoMite have keyboard and VGA monitor support you can implement graphics and make one nice colorful general purpose tool in your lab

3.DuiniMite-eMega keeps all Duinomite-Mega hardware features but also add two new on board memories beside the SD-card-> 2MB Data Flash could be used as internal DRIVE for file storage, and 64KB of EEPROM can be used for saving configuration parameters, logging info etc without wearing your Flash drive

The prototypes will be ready next week and we will mail to our developing team, so they can start working on the new firmware which to support these new features.

The DuinoMite-eMega revision A schematic is uploaded for review on our web site.

Note: DuinoMite-eMega do not replace any of the previous boards: DuinoMite, DuinoMite-Mini, DuinoMite-Mega, PIC32-T795 will continue to be produced, this is just NEW member to DuinoMite boards family, it will be a little bit more expensive than DuinoMite-Mega, so who do not need Ethernet, on board Flash etc new features can continue using our current DuinoMite range of boards.

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