Preliminary Product info: AM3352-SOM and AM3352-SOM-EVB Sitara processors System On Module


AM3352-SOM is system on module with Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8 microcontroller. AM3352BZCZ100 with temperature range 0-90C and clock 1Ghz is used, but the SOM module could be build with any of Sitara family processors as they share same pinout. AM3352-SOM have option for 4GB NAND Flash, have console UART and micro SD-card.

All AM3352 ports are available on 4 x 40 pin 0.05″ connectors.

The prices of AM3352-SOM module without NAND Flash start from EUR 25.90 for 1000 pcs.


AM3352-SOM-EVB is evaluation board for AM3352-SOM with these features

  • one AM3352-SOM
  • AM3352-SOM matching connectors
  • CAN driver
  • VGA output
  • LCD output
  • 2x 100MB Ethernet interface
  • 2x UEXT connectors
  • 4x USB host
  • 4 GPIO connectors x40 pin 0.1″
  • status LEDs

AM3352-SOM-EVB price is EUR 75 for single quantity.

AM3352-SOM and AM3352-SOM-EVB will be for sale at the end of May. AM3352-SOM-EVB will be available free of charge to selected developers who work on TI Sitara Kernel support. To apply for free board e-mail us to

New Product in stock: A20-SOM-4GB and A20-SOM-EVB developer edition


A20-SOM-4GB is system on module with Dual core Cortex-A7 processor. The module contain A20 processor, 1GB DDR memory, AXP209 PMU, micro SD-card and 4GB NAND Flash. All A20 signals are available on 6x 40 pin connectos.

The price of A20-SOM-4GB starts from EUR 35 for 1000 pcs, A20-SOM cost is EUR 30.10 for 1000 pcs.


A20-SOM-EVB is EUR 75 evaluation board for A20-SOM and have these features:

  • one A20-SOM-4GB module is included on it
  • A20-SOM matching connectors
  • VGA output
  • HDMI output
  • LCD output
  • Gigabit interface
  • 2x UEXT connectors
  • SATA and power
  • Audio In and Out
  • Camera 2 Mpix @30 fps
  • Android 7 buttons
  • SD-MMC connector
  • 5 GPIO connectors x40 pin 0.1″
  • status LEDs

Note these are at developer edition, which means the software support still need some touch up, which we will fix in the next couple of weeks.

A20-SOM-EVB contains one A20-SOM-4GB so no need to order separately. A20-SOM-EVB is OSHW and CAD files are available for study, learn, modification, re-production.


A20-SOM-EVB developer edition is available free of charge to selected developers. If you are Linux-Sunxi developer and want to have your A20-SOM-EVB send us e-mail at