Elevate Festival and Open and Fair IT production, are we ready for it?


Elevate is free event made by non-for profit organization for Political discourse, Music, Art and technology.

The motto for Elevate is “Elevate – Open Everything”. Open Source fits well Elevate focus, as there were lectures for more Openness in everything around us.

I was invited to participate in Elevate 2014 which was in October 2014 with lecture about Open Source Hardware.

More about Elevate festival you an read on Elevate site: https://elevate.at/en/home/

You can feel the atmosphere browsing the albums with pictures from the two days Saturday and Sunday.

Video from the event is online.

It worths to watch it, as you can see how NSA spying on us is revealed:

nasa spy

Or learn about attempt to manufacture computer mouse with ‘fair’ technology.


By fair technology is understood technology which do not uses child labour, bad working environment and pay fair price for the labour.

Above is picture which NagerIT made in attempt to check if they can manufacture total Fair mouse. The green blocks are companies which use Fair technology, the other colors are companies/suppliers under investigation with unknown info.

This process is quite complex, for instance: if you use CABLE in your product to check the company which make cable and it’s supplier, in this case these are companies which make the plastic cable sleeve and the copper wire, then these new companies have to be check – the company which makes the plastic sleeve have suppliers for raw materials which came from oil industry and the company which makes the copper wire have supplier who make the copper and the supplier who make the copper wire laquer, then the company which rafine the copper ore, then the company which dig the ore. You can see what chain this is just for one component.

Nevertless this is good initiative and we wish NagerIT good luck. It’s step in the right direction.

During the Elevate festival I got invitation to visit Graz Hackerspace named Realraum and speak about what we do in Olimex.


Realraum is small and very well organized Hackerspace, where people run many interesting projects. You can read more in their wiki http://realraum.at/wiki/doku.php and G+ blog posts https://plus.google.com/+RealraumAt/posts.

We met in Graz lot of friends of Open Source Hardware.

Allwinner on HK Electronics Fair


Hong Kong Electronics Fair is one of the biggest events for Electronics in Asia.

Allwinner have nice booth there right to the entrance.

More info is revealed about A23 and on the booth there is stage with controlled power supply which show how tablet with A23 consumes less 50 mA while playing music and only 2.6mA in stand by mode:


A20 was done on 55 nm and the maximum clock is 1008Mhz, while A23 is produced on 40nm and 1.5Ghz is within the safe specs although you can see from the picture below is possible to overclock it to 1.8Ghz:


We usually associate Allwinner processors with tablets and media boxes, but on HK fair they show some automotive related products, this is back mirror with inputs for video from few cameras and navigation on top on the video stream.


Based on materials on http://www.padnews.cn/?p=2908, thanks to Eva Wu, Allwinner Marketing manager for pointing me to this info.