Beware of Pseudo Open Source Hardware EKG/EMG fakes of our shields by Duinopeak company


We got support question for Arduino EKG/EMG shields which do not work correctly.

We did the initial questions to make sure they use correct drivers and software, and it seems the customer did everything correctly but couldn’t get correct signals but only noise. Then we asked him to send us picture of how he is connecting the boards.

To our surprise we got picture with blue mask boards. All our EKG/EMG boards are with red mask, so we found these guys easily. All their contribution back was to remove Olimex from the silkscreen and to put their name on the boards, although they keep the OSHW logo they didn’t put their CAD files available for download, which is not great loss as they didn’t contribute at all except to change text on the boards.

On top of this probably they didn’t even test the boards as the one in this particular customers didn’t work.

What is most annoying is that they link all our files to their web page, so mislead people that they buy our boards.

Don’t you love these Internet Surveys?


I love Internet surveys, they are so easy to manipulate 🙂

Yesterday Drew Fustini posted on G+ the letter he got about one of the few new 64 bit development boards which he ordered.

As you see from the letter this board will go for sale end of November as still didn’t pass necessary tests for FCC – it have cellular modem and WiFi on it.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 12-56-58

In one of the comments on G+ post is seen that this obviously do no stop people to choose this same board which probably is sampled just to few developers (Qualcomm gave away few on Linux Con and OpenWRT) as #5 in “Top Ten Hacker SBCs” by

So people may wonder how do Hackers evaluated this board and selected is as board of choice if it’s still not even shipped to mass users?
It’s a mystery which Qualcomm PR dept may unveil 🙂

Fact is that all these Internet surveys are easy to manipulate, so always have a bit in skepticism in mind when you read next “which p@nnis is bigger” survey done on the internet.

Beware of and the 40 thefts – it’s easy to get cheated there


Searching the web Lub (from our Technical Support) came across listing for our boards in

This is weird as we do not have Chinese distributor nor we know the companies who list our boards there, so I’m sure these companies have zero stock of our boards, then what happens when somebody order from them and pay? I don’t know nor I’m curious enough to check myself 🙂

More ridiculous is that they have listed under OLIMEX brand boards which are not ours:


and under LPC-P1343 which is development board with NXP microcontroller they list something totally different:


Alibaba is blacklisted by me long time ago for purchasing anything due to the scam and the absence of any control of the advertised content.

Usually same items which are listed on Alibaba could be found on ebay too, but with buyer protection which ebay offers.

In Alibaba first they never list correct prices, you could see prices listed like from $0.01 to $100.00 which means exactly nothing. Also they will write anything in the item description.

I do remember when A13 was announced I searched for A13 tablet to may test software in advance.

In Alibaba there were few listed tablets with A13 in their description, but in this description was written that these tablets have HDMI which rings some bells to me as A13 have no HDMI output.

So I started ‘conversation’ with seller on Alibaba:

 me>Is this tablet with A13?
 me>but it’s written in the description that it have HDMI output, right?
 seller>yes, it does have HDMI
me>how this is possible? A13 have no HDMI output?
 seller>yes, you are right A13 have no HDMI output

So I understand that this is probably A10 tablet but with false description as A13 which was newer chip at the moment.

OK who need this bullshit? Obviously more listings may generate more sale leads so these guys list everything they have (and everything they don’t have) and wait some foolish white man to come and order from the China’s heaven 🙂

This could never happen on ebay, after few negative feedbacks this seller will have to make new account as nobody will buy from him/her.

I try twice to buy chips from and both times have been burned.

First time I was searching for MCP601 OAMP which was out of stock by official Microchip channels. Ordered and got few reels which I discover to be 94LC46 memories which were re-labeled to MCP601 with labels printed on laser printer.

The second time was similar I couldn’t find MAX232 in DIP package and I though what the hell this is so simple chip nothing can go wrong and I ordered 2000 pcs they came and on first sight everything was fine, Texas Instruments marking etc, but when we put it on the device we found that these chips have 300mA consumption!

Maybe I’m out of luck, but I decided to not try to do this anymore, so I just blacklisted this site from my books 🙂

TLDR; Beware of poor content control, no buyer feedback, most of the listings there are scam and possibility to get burned is high.