Open Fest 2021 is back! Free your agenda for 14 and 15 of August when the biggest open source event in Bulgaria will take place in Sofia.

It’s good to see that slowly things come back to normal!

Open fest 2021 will be provided in normal face to face format in the open space – the King Boris garden – “Maimunarnika” where up to 1200 people can be hosted.

As always the participation is free of charge.

There will be the traditional soldering party with the help of the Open Fest 2021 volunteers from the Technical University club of Robotics.

Olimex is donating 50 pcs of our new Musical badge kits, which contain only PTH components and are very easy to solder even for beginners:

Musical badge is board with two sensor buttons which start and stop music play when touched.

The Open Fest dates are during our Summer Break so we are not be physically present there but will watch online the event.

OSHW Audi style Bike Turn Signal LED Lights soldering kit is ready for Open Fest Workshop


Bike-TSL-Kit now is ready and we are looking forward to see you at Open Fest Workshop.

As always the workshop will be free to participate.

Do not forget to book kit by e-mail to for Open Fest Workshop, as we will have just 100 kits for the workshop.

If you have soldering iron, twizzers and cutters take them with you as we will provide 6 sets, but previous workshops proven there will be long tail of people wanting to participate/solder and having soldering tools will spare you the waiting.

Here is small video clip how Bike-TSL-Kit works when assembled:

We are looking forward to see you there and have fun together!

GNU/Linux Install fest in Plovdiv @ Olimex on December 10th


We will host for a first time GNU/Linux install fest.

If you have problem with some device or driver or don’t know how to tweak your Linux distribution, or just want to chat with other people who use Linux – come to us on December 10th, 11.00-14.30 o’clock and meet Linux experts who will participate this event and get free advice and help.

Where to find us? Here is Google Maps Olimex Ltd location. And here is picture of the map, the green dot is the Olimex Training building where the GNU/Linux install fest will take place:



Looking forward to meet you there.

Here is the link of the event in Facebook.

Open Fest 2016 – Soldering of the Open Source Hardware GHOST

“A ghost is haunting Europe—the ghost of communism.” said Carl Marx in 1848

We can re-phrase “A Ghost is haunting OpenFest 2016 – the ghost of open source hardware” 😀

We created this Soldering Kit specially for Open Fest as third year in a row we do soldering workshops there:


It’s a very simple board, specially made for novices with small PIC10F206 microcontroller which has only 512 words of Flash memory and 24 bytes of RAM, still enough to write C code like this.

In the good Olimex traditions being overwhelmed with work we totally forgot for the soldering workshop and started the project 3 weeks before OpenFest 🙂

The board was quickly routed with KiCAD and we sent to PCB manufacturer in China, who keep the promise to make the blank PCBs for 1 week and shipped on time but DHL late with the customs clearance and we got the board Friday morning! The workshop was Saturday and Sunday, right on time!

Then we had half Friday fun with Microchip’s MPLABX tools, which refused to re-program the PIC10F206 once it’s programmed.

After few hours we found that MPLABX version 3.35 can program and erase PIC10F206 just fine but MPLABX 3.45 don’t.

Still there was enough time till 20.00 o’clock and we managed to program 200 kits ready for soldering next day 🙂

The initial intention was to make LED breathe but after losing so much time with MPLABX we decided the first version to be simple 10 times blink!

Here you can see people assembling it on OpenFest:


Girls, Boys, Kids all were not afraid and took the soldering irons:



After OpenFest we continued to investigate why the newer MPLABX refused to program PIC10F206 more than once, the problem was trivial, to erase it the Vcc must be above 4.5V:


Still interesting why MPLABX 3.35 was erasing it even without this voltage settings 🙂

This is why working with embedded systems is such fun. You never know where you can step aside and you have to worry not just for the code but also for the hardware as source of mistakes.

Needless to say we had no any assembly instructions for the kit at OpenFest, but now proudly we put them on the web site of the kit.


Open Fest 2014 is approaching, get ready for the Hardware Hackathon!


This weekend is Open Fest 2014 in Sofia! We will be there with table and Hardware Hackathon. This time we will have two new boards to assembly but we will keep this as secret 🙂

Also Olimex will have lecture “Programmable Home” presenting the new boards and solutions we work on for Home Automation.

Here are some pictures of the Hardware Hackathon we did on Open Fest in 2013.


This time we will have more and different boards to choose from, and of course the Hackathon will be free (as beer, not speech 😉 ), so you can take the board you assembly with you after the Hackathon.

Looking forward to see you there!

Preparing for the OpenFest Hackathon


Do not forget tomorrow is OpenFest  and there will be Hardware Hackathon!

We are preparing 100 OLIMEXINO-85-KITs ready for assembly and 4 soldering stations, solder, flux, cutters and everything necessary to assembly these KITs.

No matter if you have experience or not with soldering we will teach you how to build your first Arduino yourself and then to check if it works and write your first code.

We are preparing also MOD-IO2 relay boards, LEDs, Breadboards, Jumper wires, temperature sensors, LED RGB stripes and many other gadgets to have fun with!

A20-OLinuXino with 15.6″ LCD running Debian and A20-OLinuXino with 10″ LCD with TS running Android will be also available for these who want to touch and test them.

Open Fest opening lecture had to be for OpenJDK but in last minute we understand that the plane of Mani Sarkar will late, so we have to open the event with our lecture for Open Source Hardware, so do not get late in Saturday as we start at 10.15 🙂

The slides for the lecture will be present on A20-OLinuXino running Debian and Libre office

Sofia Open Fest 2013 is approaching


OpenFest is annual conference, dedicated to the free software, free culture and free knowledge sharing – place where fans, creators, supporters of the open source software in Bulgaria meet every year.

This year Open Fest celebrate 10 years, as the first event was back in 2003.

Open Fest will be on 2-3 of November and every one is welcome.

Olimex is partnering with the OpenFEst organizers, last year we ran together hardware Hackathon this year we prepare some more surprises for the people who are curious to learn more about hardware.


First OpenFest hardware hackathon results


Open Fest is the biggest even for Open Technologies, Open Software and Open Hardware in Bulgaria.

This year Open Fest was last weekend 3rd and 4th of November and had 10 years Jubilee!

The program and the presentation slides you can see at

The wireless router on the event logged 820 unique MAC addresses so I guess at least so many people visited it 🙂 (do you imagine IT guy will stay whole day on such event without checking his e-mails?)

Olimex was invited to talk for the OLinuXino and together with the organizеrs we made the first Hardware Hackathon.

There was table with Olimex boards – iMX233, A13 OLinuXinos and different UEXT modules and everyone was invited to implement something interesting during the even, the most interesting projects had as prize the boards which were used to implement.

Not many people were hear for the Hackathon on the first day the interest was weak but many were preparing during the Saturday evening as in Sunday the table was always full:


The recap of the completed projects is:

1. 3D graphics on Android application – flying plane which you control with the MOD-WII-NUNCHUCK connected to A13-OLinuXino-WIFI UEXT connector. Programming language: Java. Boards used: A13-OLinuXino-WIFI + MOD-WII-NUNCHUK

2. RFID data logger and entry system: RFID cards are learned then different relays get closed when corresponding card is approached to the reader. Programming language: C. Boards used: iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI +  MOD-RFID125 + MOD-IO + RFID125-ISO tags.

3. Web temperature logger. Programming language: Python, PHP. Boards used: iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI, MOD-TC-MK2-31855, TC-K-TYPE

4. Fire alarm: when temperature passes threshold plays MP3 with someone yieling: Fire! Alarm! 🙂 Program language: C, Linux shell. Boards used: iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI, MOD-TC-MK2-31855, TC-K-TYPE

there were several other attempts but the projects were not complete, overall I’m impressed with the complexity of the first two projects which were completed at so short time.

The Hardware Hackathon will continue on the next OpenFest events.

It was cool to see these people who came form the pure software world, how they discover how easy is to interface real world objects with OLinuXino and in the same time to stay in the comfortable Linux environment they know.

Open Fest and electronics Hackathon


Open Fest is yearly event for open source and open technologies.

This year Open Fest celebrate 10 years and it will be on 3rd and 4th of November as usual in Sofia Interpred centre.

The foreign lecturers this year are: Brian Doll и Hengeveld Nick from GitHub and Harald Welte from OpenMoco.

Olimex will present where we are with the open source Hardware project OLinuXino and what is the further roadmap of devices which will be covered.

This year there will be an practical Hackathon which will run during the Open Fest. Everybody with idea to implement something with Arduino, Pinguino, Maple or OLinuXino have chance to complete the project during the event and to get as reward free board.

Please register your interest to attend the Hackathon to Marian Marinov (mm at openfest org) or to Olimex (info at olimex).