New Products in stock: Preciese Stencil Solder Paste Printer, Stencils for Solder Paste, Raquels for Solder Paste Printing


We got new section in our web shop: TOOLS

The first member of this section is SD-240 precise frame-less stencil solder paste printer.

SD-240 allow very precise alignment of the PCB and stencil and perfect solder paste deposit. With this printer is possible to print solder paste for down to 0201 components and for BGAs with 0.65 mm step.

We provide paid training option for these who buy this printer, the training is provided in Olimex factory, where we will teach you for one day how to manipulate, storage, and take care for the solder paste, and how to print on PCB with SD-240 for components like A10S 0.65 mm ball pitch BGA ICs for instance.

For these who buy SD-240 we also provide stencil service and will produce high quality stainless steel stencils from gerbers, using the same technology we are using to produce stencils for our own manufacturing process and help with technology know how about stencils and printing.

Stencil printing Raquels with size 10 cm, 15 cm and 18 cm are available.

When thinking for SMT assembly, many think that Pick and Place machine is most important component and usually focus on it. This is right, but the new P&P machines are so precise that they usually never cause problems. Industry study show that about 60% of all defects with SMT PCB manufacturing come from wrong solder paste printing and about 30% of all defects come from wrong Reflow profile and reflow oven setup, so issue caused by P&P are 10% or less.

If you have good solder paste printing and reflow profile even if you place your SMT components by hand you will still have good results.