Free OLinuXino for every child on the planet Earth (pre-installed with Windows 10)


April 1st, for Immediately press-release:

At Olimex we decided to donate one OLinuXino board to every child on the planet, so they can play their favorite moves and games all day long instead to learn and do their home work!

The moto of the campaign is “No boring programming learning – just fun!”

Surely we are small company to accomplish this ambiguous project, so we contacted one of the world biggest companies in the world – Microsoft for help.

They were quite supportive on this idea and agreed to cover all manufacturing costs if we ship OLinuXino boards with pre-installed Windows 10 on them. What a sweet deal!

So we are just waiting Windows 10 to be released to may start this noble charity operation!

Of course the production of so many boards need serious production backup so we are proudly present our new SMT line member: Samsung SM482 with intelligent auto splice feeders!
On this video you can see the new machine in warm-up mode:

Of course the good old SONY line will play significant role in this venture.

Here you can see our SONY SI-G200Mk3 chip shooter which shoots nearly 15 components per second

and this is our SONY SI-E209 odd components and fine components placer (connectors, BGAs, etc components which are heavy and need high precision placement):

The major bottleneck in these SONY monster machines is that they place the component so fast they stop every 10 minutes for feeders re-load (yes, 10 000 components reels do not last long on these beasts).

Here you can see what happens inside SI-G200Mk3 – it have two revolver heads which shoot 12 components in less than second and while one is shooting the other is loading components and vice versa:

So the auto splice feeders which Samsung have would lower the changeover times significantly and help us in this noble initiative.