Google assistant, Google DialogFlow, Amazon Alexa and internet radio demo code for ESP32-ADF are uploaded on GitHub


Some demo codes for ESP32-ADF are now uploaded on the GitHub.

Google Assistant demo will allow you to build your very own Google Assistant speaker, display and to integrate these services in your future product.

Internet Radio is preliminary and we still work on the UI to be uploaded later this week.

Amazon Alexa is the GA competitor and you can embed it with your Home assistant and automate your home.

Google Dialogflow is easy way to use Google AI in your products and make them voice controllable. It builds voice to text service and you will receive plain text delivered from the voice the device listen to. This way you can add voice control to every of your products. All you need is internet connection.

The SIP phone demo is also to be uploaded later this week.

Google Code shutting down


Seems the popularity of GitHub disrupt all similar services, SourceForge is on resuscitation for years and although not closed it’s barely used just for legacy projects. Google Code is in same situation, so Google decided to cut the agony and close it.

They stopped to accept new projects and the site functionality will be keep same till August 2015 then it will be put in read only mode and early in 2016 completely shut down. There is new tool which allow you to export your project to GutHub