I’m going to speak at Hackaday Belgrade 26 of May.


My proposal:  Hacking soldering robot with TERES-1 DIY Open Source Hardware Laptop was just accepted!


I will speak about how we hack Soldering Robot and make it intelligent with additional camera, which makes possible use of fiducials. Making programming easy and post soldering quality check with OpenCV.

More about this event you can read (when available) on Hackaday Belgrade conference page.

Hackaday conference in Belgrade 26th of May


First Hackaday conference outside US was held in Belgrade/Serbia in May 23rd 2016.

It was very interesting event with lot of talks and good food and drinks.

This year there will be second conference in May 26th again in Belgrade/Serbia. If you wonder why all Hackaday conferences are at one and same place the secret is that Hackaday owner Supply Frame Inc CEO is from Serbian descent, Hackaday have team and development lab setup in Belgrade, so it’s native choice.

Serbia did not join EU yet (hopefully this will happen soon!), so this is not so good news for EU travelers. While I could book my ticket for FOSDEM with Ryanair Plovdiv-Bruxelles and Bruxelles-Plovdiv for EUR 9.95 in each direction (Plovdiv – Bruxelles is 2300 km distance) , there is no such option for Belgrade and normal flight cost EUR 200 although Belgrade is just 550 km away from Plovdiv. This is the magic of the European Union single market and air space! Another issue is the roaming taxes in Serbia are ridiculous and cost something like EUR 3-5 per minute, while all telecom operators roaming charges in EU are less than EUR 0.15 per minute, so be careful when talk in Serbia with cell phone or buy local SIM card.

Hackaday has opened proposals for lectures and start selling early bird tickets for EUR 23.45 I guess this odd number come from $30 converted to USD/EUR exchange rate.

For this event Voja Antonic made special badge in the form of BASIC computer, so with the ticket you will get this beauty:



Hackaday slides are uploaded on Slideshare

Screenshot from 2016-04-13 09-58-48

The slides from Hackaday Belgrade are now on Slideshare.

Hackaday Belgrade – First Hackaday event outside US


Last weekend was Hackay Belgrade event and I just came from there.

More than 300 people were there, interesting program and workshops, great food and nice people.

The conference was with live streaming and I guess the videos will be uploaded somewhere soon for these who missed it.

For these like me who was wondering why Hackaday team decided to make first conference outside US in Belgrade I will tell you the secret – The Supply Frame CEO’s (same company which bought Hackaday few years ago) Alexander Bradic is from Belgrade 🙂 and Hackaday have office there!

Fortunately this conference was just 1 day, as with so many pleskavica, cebaps, vesalica and other meat deligths you can easily gain significant weight!

You can see what I’m talking about from this picture:


For these who missed the event – do not worry, Hackaday plans massive events all around the world, so they will be soon at your doorstop!


Hackaday Belgrade schedule is published

Hackaday Belgrade Schedule4

See you there next weekend 🙂

Hackaday published the talks and speakers for Belgrade Hardware Conference in April


Hackaday just published the talks and speakers for the Hardware Conference in Belgrade April 9-10.

I will present our Do-It-Yourself Hacker Friendly Laptop there, hopefully we will have working A64 model by then 🙂

Looking froward to see you there!


Hackaday Belgrade is April 9-10 Early bird tickets are available till February 22


Hackaday is coming to Balkans 🙂

The event is in Belgrade April 9-10.

Early birds tickets are  $25 till February 22.

We just booked ours, see you there!