Plovdiv HW group in Plovdiv Hackerspace Hackafe was formed yesterday


Yesterday was the very first meeting of PlovdivHW group inside Hackafe hackerspace.

The group was formed from people who want to hack hardware. There are few interesting projects which the group decided to start:

  • plasma speaker
  • retro game cabinet
  • intelligent remote controlled car

Here are pictures of the meeting. If you want to join some of the above projects go to Hackafe place and ask Geno, Vasko or Rangel about them.

Hackafe Plovdiv hackerspace explore different distributions running on OLinuXino


Hackafe Plovdiv is local hackerspace in Plovdiv, runned by enthusiasts who love to hack and learn new stuff, they have organized very interesting presentations and lectures for JavaScript, Node, WebGL etc.

There are groups of interests and one of the groups ” Mobile & Embedded Developer Group Plovdiv” yesterday had meeting, where Leon Anavi presented the A10S-OLinuXino and the different Linux distributions and Android which could run on this Open Source Hardware ARM board.


This Saturday in Hackafe starts JavaScrips course for beginners with 10 lectures. All lectures are free to participate the idea is to share knowledge and every one to share with others what he/she knows.

Keep the good work going guys! You rock!