Holiday Season International Shipping

Christmas is approaching. Olimex will be closed from December 24 to January 4th. You can place your orders between December 24 and January 3rd but they will be processed on January 4th.

Meantime based on past experience we do not recommend you to use Airmail shipping option in December. The posts are flooded with parcels and usually they will take 30 or more days to arrive.

DHL/UPS usually deliver next day in Europe and in few days outside EU (depend on customs delays, Covid delays etc), so our advice is if you want to receive your parcel before December 24 to complete your order latest on December 21st.

Happy Easter!

Colorful easter eggs

Orthodox Christians Easter Holidays this year are from Friday (10/04/2015) to Monday (13/04/2015).

These are official Holidays in Bulgaria, so if you wonder why your order is not shipped or not moving this is because banks, courier companies etc. do not work during Easter here 🙂

Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine and Romania also celebrate Easter at these dates.


Labor Day Holidays


Yes, in Bulgaria we celebrate the Labor day by not working!

It’s not a secret that here on the Balkans our politics do not like to work too much and try to find reason to have celebrations and holidays. If you check the official Holidays in Bulgaria for this year are 13 working days, when include the official 20 work days vacation and 104 weekend days the simple calculation shows that our politics think that it’s enough to work 228 days per year or to have rest one day after you work 1.6 days. In other hand they are wondering why the product generated here can’t compare with the product generated in the more developed countries. I can give them a hint – to look how many days people works in US.

This year our government shines with the decision for 6 days official Labor day celebration. So effectively from April 30th to May 6th no couriers or transport companies will work.

Our online shop is working, our shipping will pack and print UPS/DHL/FedEx labels, but all orders will be put in big bins and will be pickup by the couriers at May 7th.

Sorry for all delays in the shipments!

Long live the Labor!