We moved our irc chat channel #olimex to Libera.chat

Following the recent developments with Freenode we moved our IRC channel #olimex to Libera.chat.

You can access it via web or with other irc client.

#olimex IRC channel now is logged


Freenode IRC channel #olimex was created few months ago and become cozy place where OLinuXino developers hang around and discuss problems related to Linux implementation.

Lot of interesting discussions are arising there so we decided that have to archieve these somehow, while we were working for our own logger bot our friends from Viscomp already did it before us 🙂

Now you can browse #olimex IRC chat channel discussions online at http://log.openbglab.org/logs by selecting #olimex channel in the dropdown menu as the default channel to display is #openbglab (Plovdiv’s hackerspace channel)


so you can join the discussions at #olimex IRC channel or just browse them at the above link