Free online e-book Speaking JavaScript



For these who want to learn JavaScript this is another free online e-book

Turbo Pascal 3.0 running in your browser – JavaScript implementation of the Legendary Compiler


Yet another amazing JS project – :awrence Kesteloot implemented Turbo Pascal IDE in Web browser.

You can browse the demo project with D, load the project with W and run it with R.

Sure you can also make your own Pascal code and run it. Have fun!

Sweet memories with Pascal programming many many years ago, this was the first really useful Pascal compiler which I had my hands on, although there was restriction for the code to fit in one segment of 64KB there was work around for bigger programs to compile them as overlays and load dynamically…

Free online e-book “JavaScript Allongé”


Why JavaScript Allongé?

JavaScript Allongé solves two important problems for the ambitious JavaScript programmer. First, JavaScript Allongé gives you the tools to deal with JavaScript bugs, hitches, edge cases, and other potential pitfalls.

Free Interactive online tutorial for JavaScript

Image offers nice and step by step interactive tutorial for these who decided to learn the basics of this popular language

Test your code online on 10 different programming languages


Yesterday we got nice tip on irc channel for this site:

You can write your test code in the browser and execute it in 10 different programming languages.