Driving High voltage loads with optoisolated 220VAC/16A switch by Arduino and OLinuXino

eduArdu is educational low cost Arduino board, it has plenty of resources like: LED 8×8 display, Joystick, Buzzer, Microphone, temperature sensor, Ultrasound distance meter, PIR sensor, IR emitter and receiver, Capacitive buttons, RGB LED, Lipo charger for stand alone work.

Here we will show you how you can drive high voltage loads like lamps, heaters etc with PWR-SWITCH connected to eduArdu.

Plug PWR-SWITCH in mains and the object you want to control plug in PWR-SWITCH receptacle.

Then connect “-” termianl of PWR-SWITCH input to eduArdu UEXT.pin2 and “+” terminal of PWR-SWITCH input to eduArdu UEXT.pin4.

In Arduino IDE make this program:

void setup() {
   pinMode(0, OUTPUT);
// the loop function runs over and over again forever
void loop() {
   digitalWrite(0, HIGH); // turn the PWR-SWITCH on
   delay(5000); // wait for a 5 seconds
   digitalWrite(0, LOW); // turn the PWR-SWITCH on
   delay(5000); // wait for a 5 seconds

The Lamp will start to blink 5 seconds on and 5 seconds off.

You can drive high voltage loads with A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 + LIME2-SHIELD:

In this setup connect “-” termianl of PWR-SWITCH input to LIME2-SHIELD GPIO.pin9 and “+” terminal of PWR-SWITCH input to LIME2-SHIELD GPIO.pin7 (GPIO271 in Linux) and you can use this code to switch on and off PWR-SWITCH:

echo 271 > /sys/class/gpio/export
echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio271/direction

echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio271/value

echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio271/value

or you can use Python and pyA20LIME2:

!/usr/bin/env python
from pyA20Lime2.gpio import gpio
from pyA20Lime2.gpio import port
from pyA20Lime2.gpio import connector
gpio.init() #Initialize module. Always called first
gpio.setcfg(port.PI15, gpio.OUTPUT)

gpio.output(port.PI15, gpio.HIGH)
gpio.output(port.PI15, gpio.LOW)

New Products in Stock: Soldering stations, Magnify Lens with Lamp, Smoke absorber


We just got new lot of equipment from AOYUE.

AOY-SLD463 is small and compact, but powerful soldering station with ceramic PTC heater and input power 75W, with closed loop temperature control from 200 to 480C with this soldering iron you can solder both SbPb and ROHS compliant high temperature solders. The trade off is that this soldering iron is just grounded but have no EDS protection, so it may damage static sensitive devices.


AOY-SLD936 is well known low cost soldering station for 20W ceramic heater. The heater works with 24V, closed loop control makes possible precise control from 200 to 400 C and is OK for both SnPb and ROHS high temperature solders. These soldering stations are with ESD protection. AOY-SLD936A is higher power model with 60W PTC ceramic heater which allow quick temperature rise and is suitable for soldering of bigger connectors and parts which require more heating.


AOY-LMP927 is magnify glass x3 and x15 with white LED ring.


AOY-ABS486 is smoke absorber with carbon filter. If you have no ventilation and soldering at home this is must to have item as it absorbs the toxic fumes which are released during soldering activity.