A64 OLinuXino OSHW Linux Laptop idea becomes more real :)


Few weeks ago I blogged about the idea to make OSHW Laptop based on Allwinner A64 64-bit SoC.

Today we received the first samples of the laptop plastic body.

The quality of the plastic parts is very good!

As you can see we have already sourced the plastic body, the battery, LCD display, keyboard, touchpad, speakers, camera, microphone and all fittings.

What’s left is to design the motherboard to fit inside the plastic body.

The feeling of building your very own laptop by yourself is incredible.

Every one can go to the shop and buy laptop, but to build one with your hands, and to know every component inside is different experience.

We start seriously thinking to make Do-It-Yourself kit version where you get all components and instructions and can build your laptop.

Why not choose different boards with different SOCs and configurations which you put up to your choice.

These who come to the Help Day this Saturday will be able to touch for first kits, we have one in White and one in Black.

Crossing fingers to may complete the mother boards to show at FOSDEM in January 🙂

A64-OLinuXino OSHW 64-bit ARM DIY Laptop idea update


A64-OLinuXino Laptop idea becomes with better shape, we managed to find supplier for the laptop plastic ABS body with 11.6″, 1366*768 LCD and keyboard where we can embed our A64-OLinuXino motherboard.


the body have power supply jack, 2x USB hosts, HDMI, SD card connector, headphones 3.5 mm jack, four speakers,camera, touchpad, power button



needless to mention this window button will become Tux 😀


We work on A64-OLinuXino the first Open Source Hardware 64-bit development board


A64 was announced January this year by Allwinner. It’s a quad core 64 bit Cortex-A53 processor targeting tablets.

Some features are:

  • H.265/H.264 video decoding in hardware
  • HDMI 4K display support
  • DDR3L memory with lower consumption is supported
  • eMMC 5.0 support

Last week we got notice that Allwinner have already A64 in production and we will get some chips with the software SDK for Android 5.1 based on Linux Kernel 3.10 by the end of the month (yes they finally escaped from Kernel 3.4 🙂 ), so we started to work on our A64-OLinuXino.

This chip is with humble peripherials, as Allwinner target and announcement is to sell it for $5 in volume (obviously not for mortals as we have to buy the first chips at higher than this price).

  • LCD parallel RGB, LCD LVDS, MIPI and HDMI video output
  • Camera interface
  • One USB Host
  • One USB-OTG
  • Two SPI
  • Four I2C
  • Six UARTs

As you can see no Ethernet, no SATA, no PCIe, but this is what you get for $5 right ?

What we found is also that although being 64-bit ARM the A64 memory bus is just 32-bit wide, we guess to make BOM smaller.

This will hurt the performance, so we have to see how it will behave compared to A20 and H3 for instance.

A64-OLinuXino initial specs will be:

  • A64 4 core Cortex-A53
  • AXP803 PMU + Audio support
  • 1GB or 2GB DDR RAM
  • 4GB NAND Flash oe eMMC
  • micro SD card connector
  • micro USB-OTG
  • 2Mpix Camera on board
  • HDMI 4K output
  • Audio Output, Input
  • LCD connector to connect with all our LCD-OLinuXino 4.3″ 7.0″ 10.1″ 15.6″
  • RTL8723BS WiFi + BT4.0 on board for connectivity
  • GPIO connector with access to all processor resources
  • 5V power input

This will be our first 64 bit ARM board and also the first OLinuXino we make completely with KiCAD.

If everything goes smoothly we will have first prototypes by end of November and depend on how fast we can test the software we may have these run in production for Christmas 🙂 the goal is to make 64-bit ARM with EUR 64 retail price!

As I expect A64 with 4 cores Cortex-A53 will behave well running Desktop Linux so we are evaluating the option to find some Chinese laptop manufacturer and ask them to supply us just with some light laptop body with decent 10.1-11.6″ LCD display, camera and keyboard with touch-pad. We can re-design A64 board to fit inside this laptop body and to make light under 1 kg laptop running Linux.

One of the problem is that A64 is quite new and no any Linux-Sunxi support, as nobody have seen A64 development boards yet. SO it may pass several months until A64-OLinuXino run anything else than Android 5.1

Open Source Hardware wooden Laptop


via Twitter

While waiting Novena to be released some people made their own OSHW Laptops based on A20-OLinuXino-MICRO + LCD-OLinuXino-15.6FHD 1980x1080p Full HD LCD display.

Build your own laptop with A10-OLinuXino-LIME


We got this note via Twitter: Reinis Veips made his own Open Source Hardware laptop using broken laptop as base for LCD and keyboard and connected them to A10-OLinuXino-LIME  + SATA drive 🙂 You can read about his project here.

A1X-LCD10 10.1″ LCD 1024 x 600 pixels 24 bit color is on the design desk


Soon after we released A13-LCD7 customers start asking us: can you make something smaller, we have handheld application in mind and 7″ LCD is just too big, this is how we made A13-LCD43 4.3″ LCD 480×272 pixels, then other customers start asking: I have application where bigger display is necessary, can you make 10″ LCD module?

So we were looking around and finally found RGB24bit parallel interface LCD with 10.1″ diagonal and 1024×600 pixels resolution.

We got today two samples and will try to see if A13 can work with such resolution as this is double than 800×480 pixels of the A13-LCD7.

This 10″ LCD will allow building of laptop/tablets with A13-OLinuXino, LCDs with same size and resolution are used in Acer Eye netbook PCs and the resolution is good for normal work.

If everything works well we will have A1X-LCD10 in stock in April, the preliminary price we target is EUR 75 for the LCD module with the driver circuit ready to plug in A13-OLinuXino, resistive touchscreen will be sold separately.

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