We got a new Mastodon account, and you can follow us on the Diaspora distributed social network

mastodonScreenshot from 2020-03-11 09-22-51

We got a new account at Mastodon.social so if you want to keep following us at Mastodon you can use this link.

Our Disapora social network account is at Pluspora


Bye-Bye Mastodon, our account on Fosstodon.org was deleted yesterday


We discovered the Mastodon peer to peer social network in February 2019 from a customer suggestion and we loved it.

The idea of having a decentralized social network, not dependent on one source is great.

At that time we used exclusively Facebook, Twitter and G+ to communicate with our community about new product developments, new products in stock, and new features on designs we work on.

Google at that time announced that it will close G+ in April 2019, so we were looking for another social network to use.

Facebook and Twitter are not liked by many people who refuse to setup accounts there, due to privacy concerns or the small signal to noise ratio or the non so technical community.

G+ seemed to be more professional oriented, with not so many cat pictures and ego scratching posts, but Google shut it down, so when someone suggested to have look at Mastodon we made an account there and were nicely surprised.

The community there is much smaller (thousands of times) than Twitter and Facebook, but we got a lot of valuable suggestions and tips from there, when we were developing new products. The community there was much more active and focused.

Social networking is very important for us to stay in touch with our community, but unfortunately the people who run the Fosstodon server do not like our new product announcements and see them as advertising.

So although we post very rarely, yesterday’s two posts about new products triggered someone and our account, all our posts and conversations on Mastodon got deleted.

We do lot of open source hardware and recently we started to contribute in Linux kernel and drivers development. We love what we do, but our employees have families to feed, so we can’t be non-commercial. Selling our boards is the way we get funds to continue doing what we do.

We love the Mastodon community, but we can’t use a social network which sees new product announcements as problem, so after one year of use we have to say: bye-bye Mastodon!

To all our friends and followers on Mastodon: we will miss you, but you still can follow our blog or the other social networks we use to stay in touch.

Bye Bye G+, Hello Mastodon (Fosstodon.org)


G+ is closing our account from April 2nd, we have no idea if they will keep our posts or will delete them, anyway there are always copies in Twitter and Facebook.

As many people do not want to use Twitter and Facebook for their own reasons, we searched for G+ replacement and it seems that Mastodon is the perfect choice.

So we are replacing now G+ with Mastodon and you can read our posts at https://fosstodon.org/@olimex