Black OLinuXino-LIME / LIME2 Metal Boxes and more A20-OLinuXino-MICRO boxes with base in 4 different colors in stock


The new Metal Box for OLinuXino-LIME and OLinuXino-LIME2 are in stock!

These are small and elegant but very robust and protect LIME from duct and Electromagnetic fields.


The box has mounting holes and is easy to attach to other surface, three rubber feets are also included:


OLinuXino-LIME inside is hold on single HEX spacer, but it’s enough as the LIME connectors go inside front and back of the box and support the board as well.


on the sides there are small openings which allow ribbon cables to go inside the box from outside and connect to LCD and EXT connectors:


Four more different colors are to follow: Red, Blue, Green, Silver.

Meantime we got A20-OLinuXino-MICRO boxes in these colors in stock:




Now we have special section with Metal boxes and soon the LCD Metal frames will be also there 🙂

Metal Frame Box for LCD 7″ with LIME test


Today we test the assembled LCD to see if it will work fine when mounted in the metal frame. Everything works fine and the panel is cute:


It has good response and probably we will offer it complete assembled as it needs some skills after all to assembly precisely without breaking the glasses.

These will be run in production … and now time to 10″ metal frame design 🙂

A13-OLinuXino Bare Metal Programming without Linux and Android


Sometimes it’s not necessary to have OS for your application and in this case all processor resources are at your disposal, Scott (aka forum member saand) started thread at our forum about this and after a while he succeeded to run his “hello world” code right from uboot before starting Linux or Android, the benefit, instant code run without waiting seconds for OS to boot.

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