New Open Source Project – Wearable ECG-EKG for 24h monitoring


We got interesting e-mail few days ago. Scott Andersson who is member of Olimex community and helped with our initial OLinuXino WIKI data structure suggested interesting idea.

He was following the new OLIMEXINO-NANO announcement and decided that it may be good base to make wearable ECG-EKG shield which to allow 24 hours ECG monitoring.

We already have some experience with OpenEEG which is one of the very first Open Source Hardware projects and I though that one such shield will be very useful to have.

Many people in Bulgaria and I guess the situation is same worldwide suffer from Heart diseases, and creating low cost ECG monitor which to may collect and log ECG data for 24 hours and later to allow this information to be downloaded visualized and analysed may help to diagnose in advance and take proper treatment for many heart diseases.

Scott have experience with ECG, so he offered help with the hardware design.

We will take care with the shield PCB layout, prototypes and low level firmware.

The target is to design and build low cost wearable device which:

  • use 3 electrodes ECG system
  • allow up to 24 hours monitoring
  • thin, small and compact size – chest stripe which anyone can wear under his/her cloths
  • logging to SD-card
  • LiPo battery with re-charging via USB or external adapter
  • data download via USB
  • galvanic isolation between USB and board
  • optional BLE Bluetooth Low energy wireless link which to allow apps from Android and iPhone to download the info from the device and do analyze/view
  • optional Pulse oximeter wither with finger or ear sensor

so far wiki page is created for this project where information is collecting

Anyone with interest and knowledge in this area is welcome to join the efforts!

Our Forum, IRC channel and Wiki are going to be used as media for discussions around this project.