MOD-LCD3310 OSHW monochrome LCD 84×48 pixels board with UEXT connector


MOD-LCD3310 is Open Source Hardware board released under Apache 2.0 Licensee.
It’s low cost 84×48 pixels LCD which can connect to any of our development boards with UEXT connectors.
The schematic in PDF format and Board and Schematic files in Eagle CAD format are on GitHub.

Examples how to connect MOD-LCD3310 to OLIMEXINO-32U4 (Arduino Leonardo), OLIMEXINO-STM32 (Maple), PIC32-PINGUINO (Pinguino), A20-OLinuXino-MICRO, LPC-P1227 (NXP) and STM32-P103 (ST) are on GitHub.

The LCD panel alone is also available for purchase on our web shop


backlight panel


and the matching connector


which you can use to make your own PCBs with this display for your next project.

MOD-LCD3310 example with OLIMEXINO-328 (ARDUINO UNO) written in Ada language


Today Tero Koskinen sent me link of his project where he uses OLIMEXINO-328 (Arduino UNO clone) with MOD-LCD3310 connected to UEXT, so far nothing strange.

What made my jaw to drop was that he was using … Ada language to program it 🙂

This bring me back 30 years back when I was using Ada to write my code as I liked this structured language before then code it in BASIC for Apple ][. At that time there was no decent Ada compiler so I used it just to solve my problem as algorithm then coded it in the good old ugly AppleSoft BASIC.

I though Ada is pretty much dead as Pascal, Modula and the latest Wirth Oberon project. I have no idea why this happend but these nice structured languages dissapeared, so this was nice surprise to see that Ada is still live… on AVRs.

Link to Sourceforge ADA-AVR project