Olimex is OSHWA member now


I already blogged for my visit in Rome for the OSHW Summit 2014.

While chatting there with Drew Fustini he asked me if Olimex is OSHWA member and I reallized that while being busy with developing OSHW projects Olimex actually forgot to become an formal OSHWA member, so when I returned back I quickly rectified this and applied for Supporting Corporate Membership.

Few weeks later I got this in my post box these nice stickers!


Now I just have to figure out  where to place them proudly!

Olimex Summer of Hacking 2014



From June to September 2014.


In Olimex’s new training building.

Who could participate?

  • students;
  • beginners;
  • amateurs;
  • people willing to learn new stuff;
  • we do not have age limitations;

What we do offer?

  • hacker space with fast internet connection;
  • soldering irons;
  • tools for hacking;
  • oscilloscopes;
  • programmers;
  • JTAGs;
  • development boards;
  • laser cutter;
  • DIY 3D printer;
  • access to all boards which Olimex manufacture;
  • mentors who to guide you through your projects;

What we expect from you?

  • basic knowledge for software or hardware;
  • basic english knowledge;
  • willingless to learn and share with others;
  • collaboration with other people;
  • to have your own laptop or computer which to bring to hacker space;

What is the purpose?

  • to learn new stuff;
  • to share with others what you know;
  • to meet interestings people with same interests;
  • to make something interesting together;
  • to do lighting talks on topics you know better than others;

What are the topics?

  • Electronic design;
  • kiCAD PCB layout;
  • Programming embedded devices;
  • Linux kernel and drivers hacking;
  • Python embedded programming;
  • OpenCV experiments;
  • Designing 3d parts to print;
  • Designing parts with laser cutter;
  • Building and programming Robots;
  • interactive toys;
  • crazy projects;

Please submit your interest and the project you want to complete, note that you are not obligated to be here during the all time period. You can come in convenient for you time and leave when you want or upon completion of your project. This is not school, this is place where to learn, share and have fun. The number of seats are limited though, so we have to do some selection.


FREE shipping on all orders to Bulgaria above EUR 30 :-)


Many may have noticed this, but now is time to make some buzz :-)

We quietly implemented FREE shipping option for all orders from Bulgaria which are with value above EUR 30.

When you enter in your basket items for more than EUR 30 on checkout page you will have one more shipping option: Free economy shipping (2 working days delivery) by Speedy which cost 0 BGN. Of course if you are in hurry you can still select the paid Speedy express shipping option (1 working day delivery), or to do local pickup from our office.


Embedded World 2014 – Biggest event in Europe for Embedded Technology


Embedded World 2014 is approaching. This year it will be between February 25 and 27 as usual in Nuremberg Germany.

This year we have own small stand in Hall 5, where we will present what we did last year.

There of course will be free stuff and games but we will keep them in secret for now ;)

So if Embedded World is in your book do not forget to visit us in Hall 5 Stand 150.

Here is Hall5 plan:


And here is ZOOM of our Stand and our neighbors:


we will be next to Farnell (5-249), Fraunhofer (5-250) and the Hall bar area (5-248).

Embedded World have some entrance fee (about eur 15-20 IIRC) but we as exhibitor have some limited quantity free tickets for customers, so If you want to pass by our booth and need free ticket for Embedded send us e-mail.

Working with Git – first lecture in our new Training Hall


We have new Hall (the green arrow) which we are going to use for internal training, summer Hackademias with students and generally as Hackerspace where interesting projects will be completed and knowledge will be shared.

The first event is lecture planned for December 8th 14.00 o’clock which will be about working with GIT. No matter if you are beginner or advanced Git user you will have something to learn as the lecture will be present by Stefan Saraev https://github.com/stefansaraev?tab=repositories

Several workshops for Arduino, Pinguino and Maple will follow in January.

Dimitar Gamishev is also going to present several workshops about how to build Linux and Android images for ARM SoCs.

We have ability to video capture and stream the lectures, but the working language will be Bulgarian :)

The lectures will be twice per month in the weekends and completely free of charge.

Everyone who want to learn new stuff is invited.

New Distributor in Latvia


We are welcome our new distributor in Latvia Magic Smoke Refill Labs.


We all know that electronic components have soul which leave the components when you damage them with magic smoke. If you see this magic smoke while you work your poor component is probably dead!

I guess what MSRL intend to do is to re-fill back this magic smoke and bring back to life such dead components and boards :)

The man behind MSRL is well known to Olinuxino community, this is Raivis Rengelis who made the very first imx233-olinuxino linux kernel with LTIB.

We whish him good luck with his magic.



OLIMEX Ltd. enables college students and/or university students to apply for participation in a free summer training program based in Plovdiv/BULGARIA.

If you are ambitious and willing to develop your skils; if you want to become proficient in the fields of digital, analog electronics, wireless communications, programming, and design of electronic devices; if you want to learn and grow, you can apply for vacancies on program:

  • Digital and Analog circuit design;
  • PCB layout;
  • C programming of embedded devices;
  • Python programming of embedded projects;
  • Scratch/BYOB/Snap block extensions;
  • OpenCV + Python projects;
  • Building and programming Robots;
  • uboot, Linux kernel and drivers hacking;
  • Android programming.

The training program is developed as a summer internship and gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with current practices in the field of electronics.

Interns will have access to all the resources, products and programmers of OLIMEX Ltd. to complete their learning process.

You will receive theoretical and practical training to understand the details of the design process. You will gain skills to work on projects. Throughout the internship you will be guided by our experienced developers.

The training is free, but the seats are limited so please express your interest in advance to info [at] olimex [dot] com , because not everybody will be approved.

In order to apply for the internship you must be:

  • a college student and/or university student with a technical major;
  • fluent in English and work freely with computers;
  • ready to learn.

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