If you need more memory and micro SD card for your Arduino project -OLIMEXINO-2560 is with 256K Flash and SD card on board


OLIMEXINO-2560 is Arduino Mega2560 like board which keeps ports conversion but adds UEXT connector to connect our wide range of modules and sensors, works on 5V and 3.3V, and has on board micro SD card for file storage and logging.

Power supply uses DCDC convertor with input range 6-15VDC when OLIMEXINO-2560 works on 5V and 5-15VDC when OLIMEXINO-2560 works on 3.3V.

Clean install of Arduino IDE for OLIMEXINO-85 boards


via Olimex Projects page

Paolo PerCdS posted new project how to make clean install of Arduino IDE and add OLIMEXINO-85 board in the IDE.


Three New Projects sumbitted: Telescope controller and Olimexino-85-kit build and SOS transmitter


We got three new Projects submitted on our web Project section

Home made Telescope controller

How to Build Olimexino-85-kit

Olimexino-85 sends SOS signal


New Product in stock: OLIMEXINO-85BC


OLIMEXINO-85BC is new OLIMEXINO-85 derivate with same functionality but having additional LiPo charger on board, which makes it perfect for wearable apps, once you plug the USB cable to OLIMEXINO-85BC it will start to charge the LiPo battery attached then when you disconnect will continue to operate from the battery.

OLIMEXINO-NANO-GSM shield prototypes works fine


OLIMEXINO-NANO is small 30×30 mm Arduino Leonardo compatible board with microSD-card, UEXT, micro USB and stack-able shields, the available shields for the moment are:

OLIMEXINO-NANO-GSM is new 4 band GSM shield + Classic Bluetooth combo board. It stacks on OLIMEXINO-NANO and add GSM/GPRS capability to it + Classic Bluetooth connectivity.

The shield will be in stock end of the month and will cost EUR 20

Look Mom I can shrink Arduino even more! And it cost only EUR 4.00!


On October 11 I blogged for our OLIMEXINO-NANO which is already in production and will be ready for sale on November 1st 🙂

With dimensions only 30×30 mm NANO is really cool, but we wanted to see if we can go smaller 😉

As you know on November 2 and 3rd there is OpenFest and we are partnering with the organizers and will make hardware hackathon where everyone who want to learn soldering to may build his own Arduino which to take with him. For this purpose we had to make some small but easy to solder board mostly with PTH components which are easy to solder for beginners.

This is how we made OLIMEXINO-85 you see above on the picture it’s only 30×20 mm and it’s made to make easy breadboarding:


For OpenFest we are preparing 100 kits of OLIMEXINO-85 which will contain all components, so everyone who want to try soldering can build his own Arduino with the kit.

OLIMEXINO-85 is build around the well known Little wire design http://littlewire.cc same design is used also for Digispark and Adafruit’s Trinket.

All they use V-USB AVR emulation of USB with bit-banging and although ATTiny85 have no USB port it works as USB 1.1 device and have bootloader which can be tweaked to work with Arduino.

Unpleasant surprise for those who want to make the design is that on Littlewire.cc and Adafruit.com the software they publish compile but missing right config words for the AVR which will obstracle people who want to DIY this design.

Digispark is the only board from the three above with proper sources and working HEX files and published pre-build Arduino IDE with ATTiny85 supported.

OLIMEXINO-85 (in kit form for DIY learning how to soldering) will be on our web tomorrow for sale with price EUR 4.00, which is probably lowest cost Arduino board on the market, for those who are lazy and do not want to solder the assembled and tested version will sells for EUR 6.00

We work on another version with only SMT components which have build-in Lipo battery charger and possibility to run on 3.3V and 5V named OLIMEXINO-85BC (battery – charger) this version will be perfect for wearable electronics and will be available in November the price is EUR 8.00 and will be offered only in assembled state.

Gaute Hope uses OLIMEXINO-STM32 to explore seismic activity of Arctic Sea Ice


via Twitter: we spotted interesting project

Gaute Hope from University of Bergen uses OLIMEXINO-STM32 and Maple to explore the seismic activity of Arctic Sea Ice https://bora.uib.no/handle/1956/6799


pictures taken from his research paperwork

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