iMX233-OLinuXino development started today


The goal is to develop ultra low cost EUR 30 Linux single board computer with these features:

– iMX233 454Mhz ARM9 processor

– 64MB of RAM

– Linux bootable image from SD-CARD

– TV-Video Output

– USB host for Keyboard, camera, WiFi, etc interfacing

– lot of processor ports available on UEXT connector and GPIO connectors same style as DuinoMite.

with two separate optional plug-in modules: iMX-LCD 4.3″ TFT 24 bit color LCD with touchscreen for EUR 30, and iMX-HUB hub board which adds to OLinuXino two USB hosts and Ethernet EUR 15

This board will run Linux, Android, Windows as the BSPs are available on Freescale web.

Additionally we will try to port DuinoMite BASIC to be available as option, on this monster the speed should be around 1 million BASIC instructions per second.

The first hardware prototypes will be available in 2 weeks, and if everything runs smoothly we will have these boards for sale end of April 🙂

If there are interested software developers please contact us at in 2 weeks we will have some limited number of hardware prototypes to ship to the interested to participate in the project development.

This will be completely Open Hardware / Open Source Project, all CAD files will be available so everyone can download modify and use them, same will be with the software.

This low cost board goal is to bridge the linux development community and the Duinomite/Arduino/Maple/Pinguino world of developers.

With the UEXT and GPIOs which could interface Zigbee, Bluetooth, RFID readers, relays, switches, sensors this would be highest performance prototyping platform on the market.