RT5350F-OLinuXino-EVB now have micro SD card


The new revision C of RT5350F-OLinuxino-EVB now has micro SD card which could be used for storage.

The newest images from our ftp server supports it.

OpenWRT summit 2015, Dublin recap


OpenWRT summit 2015 was in Dublin on 8 October right after ELCE so we took the chance to stay one more day and participate, this was right decision.

OpenWRT summit was organized by Prpl Foundation, the event is the first one to get together all OpenWRT developers and it become very interested event .

Few talks took my attention:

1. Adding new SoC to OpenWrt presented by Hauke Mehrtens
Hauke went through what you should consider when add new SoC to OpenWRT. It was brief without complex and boring stuff.

2.Project Turris – open router with OpenWrt presented by Bedrich Kosata
This was one of most interesting lecture at least for me as it talks for project Turris – build of completely open source hardware router for traffic monitoring and DDoS prevention.

3. Securing the Internet of (broken) Things present by Cesare Garlati
Now this was scary thing and show how the aim to connect everything to Internet without proper security measures could be dangerous. Showing how people can take over control on your car which is connected to Internet, or how they can change the volume of medicine which go in your veins by manipulating your internet connected medical pump – stuff which could kill people!

4. Introducing the sunxi target – Your next IoT gadget presented by Zoltan Herpai the Allwinner SoC maintainer in OpenWRT.

Let’s hope Prpl Foundation or OpenWRT people will set page and put the slides online, many people will be interested!

OpenWrt Summit 2015 will be in Dublin, Ireland on October 8th


This year LinuxCon Europe and Embedded Linux Conference Europe will be in Dublin, Ireland from October 5th to October 7th.

Olimex is bronze sponsor to ELCE for second year.


What we learn is that this year after LinuxCon/ELCE in the same place on October 8th will be FREE to attend OpenWrt Summit which is sponsored by Prpl Foundation.

You can learn more details here.

OpenWRT for iMX233-OLinuXino trunk now with 3220 packages


Few weeks ago I blogged for OpenWRT – the lightweight Linux distribution for routers which now officially supports iMX233-OLinuXino https://olimex.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/imx233-olinuxino-is-supported-by-openwrt/ .

At that time the package trunk was not complete, but now there are 3220 packages inside!

There is nice set of useful tools: sip, apache, avrdude, ctorrent, gawk, gdb, lua, perl, php, python, ruby, svn and many others the full list is here: http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/imx23/packages/

So now under OpenWRT is possible to make IP phone, small torrent downloader, internet radio or streaming device with iMX233-OLinuXino.

We may need to add small Serial Flash instead of SD-card for future version as most of the routers which run OpenWRT need only few MB of Flash.

On top of this OpenWRT is using latest Kernel 3.10, well done OpenWRT team!