Intel enters in the LED blinking business!


Arduino with its over 1 million sold development boards is acting as magneto for marketing managers in all semi companies.

We already review the incredible engineering done by NXP on this subject to make Adruino compatible low cost 8-bit processor without ADC and enough GPIOs, and while we though nobody can come up with something so incredible non-sense.

Now it seems Intel is on the way to eclipse them, they put Arduino connectors on their Galileo processor

Galileo datasheet is very skinny but seems this is 400Mhz Pentium 32bit processor with 256MB of RAM.

Looking at the tiny datasheet there is block diagram:


seems familiar? yes, same crap like in NXP design, processor with no GPIO, no ADC, etc which connects to external ICs to make something which is available in simple 8-bit AVR processor 🙂

At least one thing Intel do it better than NXP here – they paid to Arduino team to build them Arduino Like IDE and some basic library