New Plastic Box design for A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 with LiPo6600mAh battery


Few days ago we got parcel with some plastic parts sent to us from Mike Bosschaert.


we inserted LIME2 inside, the tolerances are tight and it’s hard to put the board in but even harder if you want to pull it from the plastic.


There is place for LiPO6600mAh battery with holder, but the battery cable is too short to plug in the board connector and need to be cut and extended. If the battery is put at left side of the PCB the cable may be enough.


The assembled box looks nice! Mike wrote that he designed it with FreeCAD and the model is printed in PLA using a Felix Pro 2 FDM printer. He provided all STL files under CC BY-SA 4.0 licensee and we add to OLINUXINO GitHub repository.


A20-OLinuXino Laser Cut plastic enclosure


People keep asking us if A20-OLinuXino have plastic enclosure.

I have to admit that when we designed it we didn’t though for enclosure as our target was to make development board where everything is open for access.

Today we laser cut two plates on top and bottom of A20-OLinuXino, it’s hard to call them “enclosure” but they will protect OLinuXino from accedently droping metal parts on it which to cause shorts.


It consist of two plexyglass plates, four M3 screws and 8 plastic washers which assembly together.

on back you can see there are four additional holes where you can screw 2.5″ SATA HDD


SATA sets of cables which plugs directly to SATA 2.5″HDD and OLinuXino’s SATA and SATA PWR connector will be available next week.

We will add the A20-ENC to our web shop next week, the price will be around EUR 4.00