KODI pre-build images are now on on our ftp, A20 HDMI audio patches will be ready soon


Few days ago I blogged about the KODI build scripts for A20 and A64 OLinuXino ad promised pre-build images on our server. This is now done and the images can be downloaded from our ftp for A64 and A20.

A20 HDMI audio currently do not work, but Dimitar and Stefan work on this and they say this will be fixed soon. So crossing fingers we may have good news for Christmas!

QtAV running on A13-OLinuXino-WIFI with hardware acceleration


QtAV is a media playing library based on Qt and FFmpeg.

Miroslav Bendik made QtAV with CedarX video hardware acceleration running on A13-OLinuXino.

Source code of QtAV branch with cedarv decoder is here: https://github.com/mireq/QtAV.

He posted this amazing video made with QtAV:


DuinoMite controls MP3 player – Add voice and music to your embedded projects

MOD-MP3-X is smart MP3 player build with VS1053 MP3 decoder and STM32F103RBT6 Cortex M3 microcontroller. It can work in two modes – stand alone MP3 player and Smart MP3 player controllable via RS232. In stand alone mode you can control MOD-MP3-X with slide switch to play/stop forward/reverse and increase / decrease the volume.

In Smart MP3 mode you can load MP3 files on the MOD-MP3-X SD-card if you connect with USB to computer, or you can send commands via RS232.

To play file with Duinomite is very simple you just have to send to MOD-MP3-X via RS232 this message: “PSONGNAME FILE.MP3” and to stop it you should send “C”

MOD-MP3-X responds to the commands and you can play with the different commands using this simple BASIC code:

10 OPEN “COM3:9600” AS #1 ‘open UEXT RS232 port
20 INPUT “CMD: “,CMD$ ‘ask for command
30 PRINT #1, CMD$+CHR$(13); ‘send to MOD-MP3-X + CR
35 PAUSE 300 ‘wait the command to be executed
40 IF EOF(1) THEN 20 ‘if there is response from the MOD-MP3
50 PRINT INPUT$(1,1); ‘read and print it
60 GOTO 40 ‘loop forever

with this code you can check all commands which are written in MOD-MP3-X user manual and see what they do.

OK then let’s write small code which plays the song “DUHAST.MP3” from my SD card when I press DuinoMite-Mini user Button, then to stop the song when the button is pressed again .

the code is:

10 OPEN “COM3:9600” AS #1 ‘open UEXT RS232 port
30 DO: PAUSE 100: LOOP UNTIL PIN(0)=1 ‘wait button to be pressed
40 PRINT #1, “PSONGNAME DUHAST.MP3” ‘start playing the song
50 PAUSE 1000 ‘wait 1 second
70 DO: PAUSE 100: LOOP UNTIL PIN(0)=1 ‘wait button to be pressed
80 PRINT #1, “C” ‘stop playing the song
90 CLOSE #1

Here is link to video which show how this program runs: http://youtu.be/kW_vReFMhkUImage