New Product in stock: MOD-BMP085 digital barometric pressure sensor


MOD-BMP085 is new Open Source Hardware Digital Barometric pressure sensor breakboard. It comes with UEXT connector and cable so you can connect it to any of our development boards which have UEXT connector, but if you want you can use it also with breadboard as all BMP085 signals are available in two rows at 0.1″  step on the two sides of the PCB.

BMP085 allow you to measure pressure in range 300..1100hPa which corresponds to +9000m .. -500m above sea level.

The board is in stock and cost EUR 9.95

Demo code for OLinuXino in C and Python and for Arduino are available on our web, the Eagle CAD files and schematic is also there.

Cuff-less portable Blood pressure sensor



Nihon University have developed a tiny blood pressure monitor, which you can just touch with your finger, in order to get maximum and minimum (systolic and diastolic) blood pressures,  both average and real-time values, as well as pulse rate and pulse waveform displayed on your smartphone.

Announcement for this method of blood pressure measurement was done at Medica 2012 in Germany.

The innovation is that blood pressure is measured just with LED emitter and receiver using “Phase Shift Method”. Read the original article at

DuinoMite Project: Interfacing Real Time Clock DS1307 and Interfacing BMP85 temperature / pressure


Mathias Johansson just posted two new projects made with DuinoMite on KSD forum:

DS1307 RTC interfacing and BMP085 temperature and pressure sensor interfacing