Bitcoin price tracker with MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV on Indiegogo


We got note that one of our boards MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV is in the newly developed open source hardware product – Bitcoin price tracker


They are running now Indiegogo crowdfunding campain. We wish them success!

As being open source this product could be easily re-programmed to track price trends of other goods as well, like gold, silver, tin, why not DDR memory and Flash memory prices, and to give you alterts when the price go above or below given price point?

New Product in Stock: Low cost Pliers and Cutters for electronics


CHN-CUT is low cost and light weight cutter for electronic components.


CHN-PLI-LF is low cost, light weight, flat long nose pliers for component lead forming.


CHN-PLI-SC is low cost, light weight, combined cutter and short flat nose  for cable cut and form.


CHN-PLI-LC is low cost, light weight, combined cutter and long flat nose for cable cut and form.

Complete range of Allwinner SoC now are in our online shop


In our IC section now you can buy all of Allwinner SoC in single quantity: A10, A10S, A13, A20 and A31, together with Power Managment ICs necessary for their operation: AXP152 for A10S, AXP209 for A10, A13, A20 and the monster AXP221 with 21 programmable voltages for A31.

DCDC step up and down converters, USB power management and current limiters, DDR3 and NAND flash, everything you need to build your Linux prototype is available.