Dance radio project with ESP32-ADF 2.8″ LCD display with touchscreen and RGB LEDs disco lights!

Screenshot from 2020-03-11 13-05-57

ESP32-ADF is a ESP32 development board created for Espressif Audio Framework. It has an audio amplifier, stereo microphones and a build-in programmer.

We created an internet radio project and uploaded on GitHub.

To complete the project you need:

Here is the radio in action:

Unfortunately, it has weak bass sound since the speakers are not mounted in a box.


Bulgarian Open Source Hardware Smoke and Movement IoT sensor project on Kickstarter


The Bulgarian Kickstarter projects are rare, this is why it was pleasure to see one there and on top it’s Open Source Hardware and Software project!

The project is announced as Open Source, but the sources are not published yet, although from the description they work on it since 2016, which I reported to the team as mistake.

Not releasing the sources from the start of OSHW project deprives the team from valuable feed back and tips from potential collaborators, but as far I understand this is their first such project, so let’s wish them luck!

New Project: Driving MAX7219 Serial LED Matrix with OLIMEXINO-85

Olimexino 1

MAX7219 is simple serial shift in/out with LED driver. In this project Mr. Paolo PerCdS demonstrates how 8×8 LED matrix can be driven serially with OLIMEXINO-85

sent via Project page.

ESP8266-EVB Lua MQTT example


MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/”Internet of Things” connectivity protocol. It works like Twitter – you have many sensors which post so main server their info which is streamed and other clients/users can subscribe for sensors of interest out of the whole stream. The advantage is very lightweight protocol and low bandwidth usage.

Another advantage is that the sensors do not need specific IP address to operate, they establish the connection to MQTT server and thus you do not need to specially configure your home network to map ports using NAT etc. You just need internet connection, then the sensors connect to the server and send their info.

Peter Lalov sent us today link to his MQTT implementation for ESP8266-EVB with Lua, the project is open source released under BSD-3 licensee on Github.

i-Kabin solar charging station for users in Africa provide battery charging service for lighting and home appliances powering


Jonathan Primeau shared via Twitter interesting project done with A20-OLinuXino-MICRO. i-Kabin is battery charge station with internet connectivity. People get batteries with build in lighting which can use at home, the battery also have USB port which can charge phones and other appliances. The battery re-charging is done for 8 hours. i-Kabin can be controlled and monitored remotely and can charge 100 batteries per week.




FOSDEM-85 as thermometer with no external components


Stefan Goetze submitted today cool project with FOSDEM-85 in our Project section.

He is using the ATTiny85 internal chip sensor to measure the temperature, which he displays with LED blinks on Pinguino eyes. For this purpose he re-connected the Power LED to another port.

The document where he explains how he build it together with all source codes is here

Now FOSDEM-85 can be used as thermometer on your desk 🙂

Where do you use your OLinuXino?


What you see on the picture is payment terminal made with A13-OLinuXino and some UEXT modules, this picture was sent to me by Skaag from #olimex irc channel at freenode.

Matthias (aka Madze on #olimex channel) also send some preliminary pictures of his work on the lawn mower with A13-OLinuxino as you can see on the pictures serious engineering work is done and soon OLinuXino will log the lawn mower activities:





So tell us what project you did with your OLinuXino?

Send us pictures at info at olimex dot com.