COVID-19 quarantine projects to try with eduArdu while at home :)

Keep social distance while drinking with friends 🙂

No this is not an eduArdu project, but it is still fun to implement.

The eduArdu Social Distance project is using the onboard Ultra sound distance meter and beeps with its buzzer when someone comes closer than 1.5 meters from you.

The eduArdu Infrared Thermometer project uses MOD-IR-TEMP and scans surface temperature from a distance of few centimeters. If the read temperature is above 38 C it will beep with the buzzer to warn you.


Both projects are easy to implement together with your children.

Arduino Day 2018 in Plovdiv


Arduino Day is on 12th of May and celebrating at near 500 locations all around the world.

TuxCon and Smarty Kids foundation are participating in this initiative and organize event in Plovdiv in Grand center from 15.00 to 17.30.

The event is free and anyone can participate and learn how to program ESP8266-EVB boards with Arduino and to control servo motors remotely.

The original Arduino map is wrong, so if you want to participate please do not go to Saedinenie but to Plovdiv 🙂

The room has limited seats so we advice you to register in advance. If there are more people interested the organizers are ready to do it again for all these who can’t manage to register on time.

Three New Projects sumbitted: Telescope controller and Olimexino-85-kit build and SOS transmitter


We got three new Projects submitted on our web Project section

Home made Telescope controller

How to Build Olimexino-85-kit

Olimexino-85 sends SOS signal


WHERE Do you use your OLinuXino – Part II?

1. Wireless enabled computer


The picture above is Wiren Board – means Wireless Enabled Board, it’s based on iMX233-OLinuXino-MICRO and shield which snap on top and have: GSM/GPRS, WIFI, Ethernet 10/100, GPS/GLONASS, NFC for MiFARE, 2x UEXT connectors the board description is at (russian language).

2. Remote control your villa


BusError (from #olimex IRC channel at Freenode) sent us this picture, he is using iMX233-MICRO to remote control the heating in his villa. You can see WIFI dongle, RELAYs and temperature sensor.

3. Embedd Android in your car


bat6oko (from #olimex IRC channel at Freenode) sent us these pictures how he embedded A13-OLinuXino-WIFI in his car. Now he listen to music and have board computer display running Android.



If you made something cool with OLinuXino let us know and we will blog it so other can learn about it too 🙂

Our project section is up and running


Yesterday we enabled our PROJECT section on our web, the purpose is to collect on one place all projects with our boards, so if you have interesting project which you want to share with the community you can submit it to be linked here.

Each project have tags which could be used for filtering, like processor, interface etc this project uses.

Also peoples can vote + or – for the project, each month we will recap the projects and the winner will have some kind of prize, we still didn’t decided yet what.

Anyway if you want the community to learn fast about what you do with our boards this is the place 🙂

Looking forward for your projects submission