Water Level Switch and submersible water pump for your aquarium or home flowers watering automation in stock!


SNS-WATER-LEVEL is floating magnet with reed contact sensor with travel length of 50 mm. It allow you to switch on off small pump which to keep the fluid level constant and to refill it.  You can directly connect to Arduino or ESP32 IoT boards GPIO.


IMM-WATER-PUMP is silent submersible water pump which can help you to filter the aquarium water or to watering your flowers at home. It works with 3VDC and consume 0.12A.


New Products is stock: Desoldering pumps with teflon tips and copper core de-solder wick

Desoldering Pump 366-А

When you have to repair boards or replace components you need tools to remove the solder from the components.
We now stock two type of desoldering pumps: D-336A black plastic desolder pump from the picture above with plastic body and special anti grip foam coating and


metal body GS-136A

Both pumps are easy to use and make good vacuum force to remove the solder. Their pistons are with double air seals which guarantee no air leaks.


De-solder wick is another useful tool when removing solder, just put it on the component pin and apply heat with the soldering iron the copper core wick will suck all solder from the component.

It’s with 3mm braid fine wires and 1.5 mm length.