Bulgaria has the highest average reputation among top users in the Stack Overflow


VB News posted interesting article. They analyzed data from StackOverflow where coders exchange Questions and Answers. Users of the platform vote up or down answers to questions this way ranking the coders who answer the questions and problems posted.

Their analyze shows that London has the highest number of top Stack Overflow members, with 394 that have a reputation over 5,000.


Another ranking based on the average country ranking of Stack Overflow users above the 5,000 threshold shows that Bulgaria has the highest average reputation among top users in the



I have no idea how correct is this analyze, but I’m glad to see finally something IT related, where Bulgaria is #1 in the world 🙂

Weekend Prorgamming Challenge – Week #40 ranking


Week #40 passed and it’s time for the new ranking week #30-#40.

We have two winners at this run:

1. Antal Koos x10 sumbissions and Marc x10 submissions

and they are followed close by:

2. Todor Nikodimov x9 submissions
3. OhmOhm x8 submissions

4. Nigel Mollett x7
5. Dylan x5
6. Dimitrios – Georgios Kontopoulos x4
7. Alexander Schultze x3
8. Piotr Gapinski x3
9. Alex C x3
10. Leon Anavi x3

11. Dimitar Mitov x2 submissions
12. Michael Shimniok x2 submissions

and 48 other with 1 submission:

Dirk Porsche, Gudata, Robert van Lierop, Miller Wang, Vlad_d, Hans Franke, Greg Sandstrom, Marex, Konstantinos Agiannis, Dimitris Anonimos, Tero Koskinen, Hlipka, Wim Lewis, Ini, Iyahdub, Nebk, Georg, Cae, Doru Ilian, David Littel, Spas Kyuchukov, Zlatan Dimitros, lordlothar, Nikos, Guillaume, Carlo E. Prelz, Sergey – C, Albert den Haan, Martin Roos,
Krasimir Karaivanov, Vadym Timofeyev, Dmitry B, Michal Novotny, Christian-W. Budde, Michal Novotny, Anders Wallin, Ivan Stankovic, Yannis Gravezas, Maxime, Daniel Chisholm, Thomas M, Damiano Bolla, Paul Callaghan, Bruno Kbidy, Puyb, moredhel, Jean Sorgemoel, Sergey

As you all know we try to keep WPC far away from anything commercial and run it more like place where people can share ideas and learn from other people point of view when solving problem, but in other hand we do not want to leave the efforts and time these people spent unrewarded, so for this run we will have material prizes as follows:

for the 1 place winners we will give EUR 100 PROMO CODEs to each of them, which they can use to purchase what they want for up to this value from our web shop + one Arduino FOSDEM-85 edition.

for 2 place we will give EUR 50 PROMO CODE + one Arduino FOSDEM-85 edition.

for 3 place we will give EUR 25 PROMO CODE + one Arduino FOSDEM-85 edition.

place 4-10 will receive by one Arduino FOSDEM-85 edition only.

Thanks for everyone who participated in this run! The counters now are reset again, so next ranking will be after Week #50.