AgonLight Weekend Programming Challenge – ISSUE 1

Some of you probably remember the Weekend Programming Challenge we ran ten years ago! The code is still here. The idea behind it was for people to learn from each other’s solutions and have fun. To add a bit of competition, a small reward was awarded to the winner, usually a new Olimex board.

We decided to resume this coding challenge for AgonLight.

What are the rules?
It’s a small coding challenge that you have to solve in two days during the weekend.

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate except Olimex employees. You can submit the solutions under your name or anonymously under an alias name.

The code must run on AgonLight. There are no restriction how you will code your solution: Assembler, Forth, C, BBC Basic, Turbo Pascal for CP/M any tool is possible. If your tool need special installation you should provide brief note how to do it so we can verify your solution.

On Monday, we will push all solutions received to a special GitHub repository and announce the winner on Tuesday, who will receive a €50 voucher to use in the Olimex web shop. The jury will consist of Tsvetan Usunov and Bernardo Kastrup.

How often will such challenges be posted?
We can make it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the interest it generates.

So z80 retro ninja coders here is the first challenge for you!

Make Simon game for AgonLight during this weekend!

Here is link to Simon Game description in Wikipedia and here is simple implementation in Javascrip which will run in your browser.

Good Luck!

EDIT: Please send your solutions to info at olimex dot com

UPDATE 24-04-2023: We received 6 solutions and uploaded them here: you can test them and review

UPDATE 25-04-2023

We received 7 solutions, but SOLUTION-7 was received after the deadline in Monday 17.00 EET, so it’s not considered but still uploaded.

SOLUTION-1 was received first in Saturday, it’s also very well done and only the slow responsive keyboard prevented it to be the leader.

SOLUTION-3 was first submitted with silly syntax error, then re-submitted again in Monday with the eror fixed, too bad as it was with nice responsive keyboard.

For us the clean leader among the submission is SOLUTION-6 as we played all games and this one is with best user experience as responsive keyboard.