USB-4SERIAL is Industrial grade -45+85C Open Source Hardware USB2.0 High speed USB to Four RS232 Serial ports + shared RS485 port

USB-4SERIAL is and Industrial grade -45+85C, Open Source Hardware USB-C type connector USB2.0 High speed to Four RS232 level or TTL level Serial ports. Port4 can be multiplexed between RS232 and RS485 current loop.

You can connect as many USB-4SERIAL as USB ports you have on your computer, this allow easy scaling when you need more than 4 Serial ports.

First Serial port has also RTS/CTS control, the other three are just Tx/Rx pairs.

The RS485 current loop Serial port is shared with RS232 Serial port4 and is jumper selectable what functionality to have RS232 or RS485.

For link to embedded board Four connectors with TTL levels are available.

The baudrate can be up to 12Mbps (400Kbps on the RS232 levels DB9 connectors due to IC driver limitation)