New OSHW board with STM32F303 now can have CAN and USB working at same time, operates from -40+85C and with power supply from 4.2-40VDC

OLIMEXINO-STM32F3 is re-design of our popular OLIMEXINO-STM32 board.

What is new?

  • STM32F303RCT6TR is used which allow CAN and USB to work at the same time. The F1 Series of STM32 shared same buffer for both USB and CAN which leads to not be able to work with both CAN and USB at the same time. This is solved in F3 series
  • Increased amount of memory: 256KB Flash, 40KB RAM
  • Power supply is now from 4.2VDC up to 40VDC which allow OLIMEXINO-STM32F3 to work in Automotive applications without special power converters
  • Industrial temperature grade -40+85C
  • Real Time Clock backup battery holder for CR2032 Li battery
  • Lower cost

The price of OLIMEXINO-STM32F3 is EUR 14.95 for single unit and drops to EUR 11.96 for 50+ pcs order.

Add Real Time Clock to OLinuXino and RaspberryPi with MOD-RTC


MOD-RTC is real time clock with battery backup. OLinuXino and RaspberryPi have no RTC so when the boards are powered off they lost their date/time setting.

This could be easily changed with MOD-RTC. OLinuXino have UEXT connector where MOD-RTC could be connected directly, RaspberryPI should have also RPI-UEXT adapter to may use MOD-RTC.

The code for MOD-RTC is on GitHub

It’s written in Python so you have to install it before use. The code allow few things to be done. You can copy your board system clock to MOD-RTC with

#sudo python --verbose --i2c=0 -w

you can read MOD-RTC date/time with

#sudo python --verbose --i2c=0 -r

you can sync system clock to MOD-RTC with:

#sudo python --verbose --i2c=0 -s

the only difference when run on A13, imx233 or RaspberryPi is the I2C address which called as program parameter:

Where I2C-Bus is:
	0 for IMX233
	2 for A13
	0,1 for RPi, depending of the revision