Lime2-SD add on board for second SD card on A20-OLinuXino-LIME2


Lime2-SD is small add on board which snaps on GPIO-1 connector and add second SD card to A20-OLinuxino-LIME2. It doesn’t interference with other parts on the board and do not increase the height.


Why we do this? Because this is an easy way to increase storage for Pioneer-FreedomBox-HSK . What we are preparing to offer soon is upgraded version of the Home Server Kit with 256GB storage made with 2 “disks” x 128GB micro SD cards. For these who already have Pioneer-FreedomBox-HSK they still can upgrade by ordering Lime2-SD .

Note that support in FreedomBox for Lime2-SD is not add, but you can try Lime2-SD with the current Armbian image for LIME2. To enable the Lime2-SD support you also have to add this dts overlay .


Bootling Linux on A13 for less than 1 second


Miroslav Bendik already made few interesting posts how to use Qt on A13 which we blogged about.

Now he made script which boots linux in less 1 second and you can build the same image using his GitHub scripts

In his post at he explains what he did

Here is video to see A13 booting Linux and GUI. Note that there is 2 seconds delay before the GUI is started so you can see and read the messages: