New Lower prices for Speedy Courier service to Greece

speedy_gonzales_by_trytonic-d8lhhd4 is the courier service we use for shipments inside Bulgaria. Speedy is 100% Bulgarian company and offers excellent service at good price. Their shipping system easily integrate with custom solutions including our internal ERP system and this allows us with singls mouse click to generate AWBs and call pickup with automatic filling of all necessary fields from our internal database.

About year ago they purchased Romanian courier company and start offering shipping from and to Romania and Bulgaria at the same price as the local prices, so it was same if you ship your order from Plovdiv to Sofia or Bucuresti.

This year they expands further and purchased courier company in Greece and from June 1st they do offer same local low cost prices to shipments to Greece too! If small parcel 0.5 KG before cost about EUR 11 to ship from Bulgaria to Greece, now it cost EUR 4.63

Keep the good work Speedy and please expand even further 🙂

New Speedy Express shipping option for Romania customers


Speedy announced today new service for Romania named “Express RO” which is with about same price as the local deliveries in Bulgaria!

Now sending 0.5 KG parcel to Romania with express delivery 1-2 days cost only EUR 3!

We will add this new shipping option to our web shop today!


FREE shipping on all orders to Bulgaria above EUR 30 :-)


Many may have noticed this, but now is time to make some buzz 🙂

We quietly implemented FREE shipping option for all orders from Bulgaria which are with value above EUR 30.

When you enter in your basket items for more than EUR 30 on checkout page you will have one more shipping option: Free economy shipping (2 working days delivery) by Speedy which cost 0 BGN. Of course if you are in hurry you can still select the paid Speedy express shipping option (1 working day delivery), or to do local pickup from our office.




We signed agreement with DHL and now we offer their DHL GLOBAL EXPRESS service in our online shop.

The rates are very competitive from EUR 15 to EUR 20 for 0.5 KG all around the world. You can check yourself 😉

Another interesting service is their DHL Global Mail. As many of you know DHL is property of Deutsche Post – one of the largest EU post operator. They have introduced this service: bag of parcels from Bulgaria to Germany where the parcels are re-distributed by Deutsche Post later. The only condition is that there must be at least 20 parcels to use this service.

Bulgarian post is good for EU destinations and 99% of all shipments arrive within one week, also there is very good service for Japan, where parcels arrive again for about week, but something is broken with Bulgarian-post for USA destination where is normal one parcel to travel 5-6 weeks or more (around Christmas even 8+ weeks). So we may give it a try as DHL Global Mail state that the shipping take 4-5 days from Germany to USA, so when add the DHL transport from Bulgaria to Germany the travel time will be about 1 week. The only problem I see is that we have no so much Airmail shipments to USA and DHL Global Mail require at least 20 parcels to use this service – we wrote everywhere on our web site that AIRMAIL to USA is not reliable and very few people dare to use this service now :), so we may need another week to collect 20 parcels for USA destination, but again this will be 2 weeks transit time not 5-6 weeks and once the volumes go up the travel time may be just 1 week.

The DHL Global Mail rates are competitive for the small parcels but rise about same as DHL Global Express for 2 KG weight so it’s useful for small 0.5 – 1.0 KG parcels:

up to 0.5 KG cost EUR 9.50

up to 1.0 KG cost EUR 17.50

up to 1.5 KG cost EUR 24.50

up to 2.0 KG cost EUR 32.50

DHL Global Mail parcel can’t weight more than 2KG

A13-OLinuXino-WIFI Developer edition is now on our web shop for sale


We start shipping A13-OLinuXino-WIFI-DEV – this is Rev.B with NAND Flash 4GB and WIFI RTL8188CU module on board.

The board cost EUR 55.00 + bonus of free shipping worldwide by courier to help developers receive the boards ASAP.

Note that the free shipping will apply on our shop only when you order A13-OLinuXino-WIFI-DEV if you add other items to the basket the free shipping will be removed.

Also for the EU orders there will be add VAT if there is no valid VAT-ID.

We will ship with pre-installed Android 4.0 image. Note that the video VGA controller is still not working properly, we need more time to solve this issue.

Dimitar Gamishev run Uboot, Slackware and Ubuntu and his GitHub project is at these projects are still at very early stage, but Dimitar reported that I2C, UART, NAND etc support is woring in the kernel fine. Nevermind these are images are few days mature and need more love and more developers to touch them 🙂

A13-SDK sources which allow Android and Linux Kernel 3.X to be build will be uploaded later as the image is 2GB+ and I still hesitate where to host it.